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The world is a vastly diverse and expansive place full of possibility and discovery—where travellers with unrelenting wanderlust can be both lost and found. Travelling is purposeful wandering, from climbing to the summit of Fox Glacier on New Zealand's South Island to exploring Tokyo, Japan's cosmopolitan megacity.

An excursion overseas provides an intoxicating escape from everyday life. Vacation in Fiji for a romantic honeymoon in a tropical paradise. Backpack across Europe to experience the stunning cultural landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty of the European countryside. Immerse yourself in culture while touring the mesmerising country of India from Delhi to Jaisalmer. No matter where you travel to, your adventure will be the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Our mission is to help provide globetrotters not only with the inspiration to travel, but essential travelling tips to ensure you take the trip of your dreams. We offer comprehensive travel guides on 11 of the most exciting places to see across the globe. For each region, we provide important trip-planning details including tips on accommodation, transportation, cultural etiquette, ecotourism, weather and health and safety.

For example: If you're off on a getaway to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Thailand, did you know it's the law to carry a photo ID at all times? And if you plan to taste the local cuisine or go on thrill-seeking adventures abroad, make sure to protect yourself with travel insurance to prevent your trip from ending in a medical emergency.

The Budget Direct destination guides also feature must-see attractions, as well as what to do and where to explore. In the U.K., you can't miss witnessing the incredible scenery of Northern Ireland or experiencing the royal luxury of Buckingham Palace. In North America, U.S. cities like New York City, Las Vegas and New Orleans also offer travellers unique urban experiences unlike anywhere else in the world.

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