What does scooter insurance cover?

Comprehensive scooter insurance covers loss or damage to your scooter resulting from a collision or crash, storm, flood, hail, fire, vandalism, theft, attempted theft or malicious act. It also covers your liability for accidental damage your scooter causes to someone else’s vehicle or other property.

Third Party Property Only scooter insurance covers your liability for accidental damage your scooter causes to someone else’s vehicle or other property. It includes a limited amount of cover for damage caused to your scooter by the driver of an uninsured vehicle. For an additional premium, you can get extra protection against fire and theft.

Compare scooter insurance

Benefits Comprehensive Third Party Property, Fire & Theft Third Party Property Only
Loss or damage to your scooter Yes Fire and theft only No
New scooter replacement 2 years No No
Damage to someone else’s vehicle or other property Up to $20 million Up to $20 million Up to $20 million
Damage caused by an uninsured driver Yes Up to your scooter’s market value or $5,000 (whichever is lesser) Up to your scooter’s market value or $5,000 (whichever is lesser)
Towing Yes Fire and theft only No
Hire car following theft Up to 14 days (limit $1,000) Up to 14 days (limit $1,000) No
Replacement of stolen keys / remote Up to $1,000 No No
Damage to your trailer or sidecar in a collision Up to $1,000 No No
Emergency transport and accommodation Up to $500 No No
Damage to personal effects in scooter’s compartment Up to $500 No No
Accident clean-up Up to $500 No No
Hire car following accident Optional No No
Riding gear (up to 10 years old) Optional No No
Choice of repairer Optional No No
Reduced windshield excess Optional No No
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More reasons to choose us

Market or agreed value

You can comprehensively insure your scooter for its market value (determined at the time of any loss or damage) or an amount we agree to (fixed for each 12-month insurance term).

Restricted rider age discount

You can restrict your policy to riders over a certain age: 21+, 25+, 30+, 40+, 50+; the older the riders, the lower your premium.

No fault, no excess

If you make a claim for loss or damage to your scooter following a no-fault accident, you won’t have to pay an excess.

Guaranteed repairs

We guarantee the quality of all authorised repairs to your scooter for as long you own it, including  materials and workmanship.

Find out more

The information on this page is a summary only. For all the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

How to make a claim

If you need to make a claim, we’re here to help you get back on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible. Make a claim on your motorcycle insurance policy.

What types of scooters does Budget Direct insure?

There are several different types of vehicles referred to as ‘scooters’. The following table clarifies which one we insure:

Covered by Budget Direct scooter insurance

Motor scooter

There’s no official definition of a ‘motor scooter’ in Australia (the Australian Bureau of Statistics includes them in their definition of ‘motorcycle’). Style is commonly used to differentiate the two. Whereas a motorcycle has a step-over style — requiring the rider to step over the bike to mount it — most motor scooters have a step-through style. This includes a platform on which the rider places their feet while in motion.

Not covered by Budget Direct scooter insurance


Under the Australian Design Rules, a moped has an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc and a top speed not exceeding 50kmph. Most of them have a scooter (step-through) style. 

Mobility scooter

A scooter with a sturdy seat over three or four wheels and a steering column similar to a motorcycle’s. They serve as a mobility aid for elderly and/or disabled people. 

Electric scooter (e-scooter)

Similar to the kick scooter (below), but with the addition of a battery, electronics, larger (often air-filled) tyres and an electric motor.  Popular with commuters as a cheap, clean and convenient form of transportation.

Kick scooter

Two-wheeler scooter with a platform (deck) on which the rider stands and handlebars for steering. The rider ‘kicks’ one of their legs to propel themselves forward on the scooter. 

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a scooter and a moped?

Most scooters and mopeds have step-through frames and so look similar. What sets them apart is their engine size and maximum speed.

Mopeds have an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc and a top speed not exceeding 50kmph.

In contrast, the most powerful scooters have engines as big as 850cc and at full tilt can clock around 200kmph.

While Budget Direct insures scooters, we don’t cover mopeds.

Do you insure scooters used for food delivery?

No — Budget Direct does not insure scooters used for business of any kind, including carrying or delivering other people’s goods for payment, whether as a contractor or otherwise.

This includes food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog.

We cover only scooters used privately, including for commuting to and from your home and regular place of work.

Which riders must be listed on my policy?

You must list any household members (including learners, provisional and occasional riders) who may ride the motorcycle. Unlisted household members will not be covered. 

While any non-household members who are not excluded from riding (e.g. due to age restrictions) are automatically covered.

If you list them on your policy, you’ll avoid having to pay the unlisted rider excess (other excesses may apply).

If I make an insurance claim, what will my excess be?

Unless you or another rider of your motorcycle have a no-fault accident, you’ll be required to pay:

  • your Basic Excess; 

 As well as any additional excesses that apply, namely:

  • rider is under 21 years of age

  • rider is 21 to 24 years of age inclusive

  • rider has not held a full or open Australian motorcycle licence for 2 or more years

  • rider is not listed on your insurance certificate.

The dollar amount of your Basic Excess and any additional excesses are shown on your insurance certificate.

Can I ride a scooter with a car licence?

Half the states and territories in Australia require you to have a motorcycle licence to ride a scooter (electric motor or internal combustion engine).

The other half allow you to ride a scooter if you have a car licence — but only if the scooter’s engine size is 50cc or less and/or it can’t go faster than 50kmph (scooters of this nature are also called ‘mopeds’).

(Budget Direct does not insure mopeds and only insures riders who hold a valid Australian motorcycle licence or permit and comply with its conditions.)