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  • Budget Direct Rewards Membership

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Save up to 18c per litre by combining offers#

Eligible Budget Direct customers can enjoy every day savings of up to 18c per litre (aka ‘stacking’) by using the Budget Direct Fuel Discounts app with a valid Coles supermarket docket and spending $20 in-store at Shell Coles Express and Shell Reddy Express#.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid for eligible Budget Direct customers only. To activate the offer, you must agree to information sharing with Viva Energy for marketing purposes. You can opt out at any time. Show the 4c per litre discount barcode on the Budget Direct Fuel Discounts app in-store at Shell Coles Express, Shell Reddy Express and participating Shell sites to receive your discount. Valid for single use per day. New barcode available after 9am the day following the last redemption. Offer excludes LPG & AdBlue. Min 2L and max 150L per transaction. This offer cannot be used with any other Viva Energy offers.
#Additional fuel discount offers available at Shell Coles Express and Shell Reddy Express sites only. Terms and conditions apply at

Frequently asked questions


Am I eligible for Budget Direct Fuel Discounts?
Subject to the specific terms and conditions of the offer, if you hold one of the following with Budget Direct, you will be eligible to sign up for Budget Direct Fuel Discounts:

  • A Car insurance policy
  • A Motorcycle insurance policy
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Budget Direct Rewards membership

I can’t sign up to the app, now what?
Please ensure the details you have entered in the app match what we have recorded. You can sign in to Policy Manager or contact us to check.

My name is listed on one of the above policies, can I use the app?
The app is only available for the primary holder of the insurance policy.

Who are Viva Energy?
Viva Energy is the exclusive Shell licensee in Australia, providing high quality Shell fuels and lubricants to motorists across the country. Auto & General have partnered with Viva Energy to provide fuel discounts to eligible Budget Direct customers through Shell Coles Express and participating Shell branded service stations.

I don’t have a smartphone, is there another way I can sign up?

Unfortunately you require a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system.


How many times can I use the barcode?
Each barcode is valid for single use only once per day.

When do I receive a new barcode to use?
Once redeemed, a new barcode is available on the following day to redeem after 9:00am AEST.

How do I redeem a barcode?
Navigate to ‘Barcode’ on the menu within the app and tap ‘Request Barcode’. Scan the barcode in-store when paying for your fuel purchase and your discount will be applied.

Why didn’t the barcode load on the app?
Most commonly, the barcode not working is due to poor internet connectivity. We recommend you test acquiring the barcode prior to visiting a participating Shell branded service station  and not on the forecourt or while pumping fuel for your safety. If you are still having trouble acquiring the barcode, please contact us.

Why did the barcode not work when scanned?
Some common reasons why the barcode may not work include:

• The barcode you are trying to use has already been scanned on the same day
• If you used a barcode yesterday, please allow the system to generate a new barcode for you after 9:00am AEST
• The brightness settings on your mobile device may need to be adjusted to its brightest setting to  ensure the barcode can be scanned correctly
• Please check in-store with the operator for any issues on their end

If you’re still experiencing problems redeeming your barcode, contact us for further assistance

Does the barcode work at all Shell stations?
The discount barcode works at all Shell Coles Express sites nationally and at participating Shell branded sites. We recommend using the Shell Fuel Finder  and tick the filter ‘Participates in Viva Energy promotions’ under Services & Amenities. Please refer to the offer terms and conditions.

Can the barcode be stored offline?
Unfortunately no, the barcode cannot be stored offline.

Can the barcode be exchanged for a cash?
No, the offer is non-transferable, and is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash as per the offer terms.

Can I update my personal details (e.g. Mobile number) on the app?
You cannot edit your personal details on the app once signed up. If you have changes to your personal details, please sign in to Policy Manager or contact us.

How do I report a fault with the app?
If you are reporting any issues with the Budget Direct Fuel Discounts app, please contact us.


Can I use the barcode for any type of fuel?
This offer does not apply to LPG or Adblue products in any State or Territory. However, product exclusions may vary from time to time at Viva Energy’s discretion with prior notice. For example, from time to time Diesel may be excluded from this offer. Prior notice to changes to the offer as represented on the App will be provided through a notice to you via our App and through an email to your registered email address. Please check the App or your email before your planned trip to a Shell Coles Express or participating Shell branded service station. 

Fuel discount offer rates are subject to change at Viva Energy’s discretion with prior notice from time to time. The applicable fuel discount offer rate will be set out in the Budget Direct App and any changes will be provided through an email to your registered email address. 

Is there a maximum fill per transaction?
Yes, offers are limited to 150L maximum fill per transaction

Can I use the discount when paying with my Shell Card?
No, the offer is not redeemable if paying with Fleet Card, Shell Card, WEX Motorpass or Motorcharge.

Why has my fuel discount increased from 4c per litre?
Budget Direct will offer occasional promotions to select customers by increasing their standard 4c per litre discount to a different amount. These occasional promotions will be subject to separate terms and conditions that will be made at the time

Will this increase from 4c per litre be permanent?
No, any increase from the standard 4c per litre discount will only be temporary. Any such promotions are subject to separate terms and conditions and will be made available at the bottom of this page. 

Will this increase also allow me to use ‘stacking’ to save money?
Yes, if you are redeeming at a Shell Coles Express, this offer is valid with other stackable offers including Coles Supermarket shopper dockets and “spend $20 in store to receive 10 cents per litre fuel discount” made available by Coles Express – subject to their terms and conditions, please refer to 

EXCEPTIONS: This offer excludes any other offer offered to you in whole or part by Viva Energy. If you present any other Viva Energy funded fuel discount offer for redemption from any other party e.g. flybuys, Shell Racing Team app (in addition to the fuel discount offer from Budget Direct), only the highest cents per litre fuel discount barcode will be redeemable. If all the Viva Energy funded fuel discount offers have the same cents per litre discount value, then only the first fuel discount offer presented will be redeemed.

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