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Comprehensive Travel Insurance

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible against the unexpected and ensure you’re not left out of pocket, you may want to consider taking out Comprehensive travel insurance.

As its name suggests, this policy is our most extensive, covering you for our full list of insured events and entitling you to our maximum payout limits.

What’s covered

The following table is a summary of the policy’s benefits and sums insured:

Benefit Sum insured*
Cancellation and Amendment Fees
Cover for the cost of prepaid travel, accommodation, meals, tours and activities, and visas if your trip is cancelled due to an insured unforeseeable event.
Overseas Medical and Hospital Fees
Cover for the cost of emergency medical, surgical and hospital treatment if you get sick or injured.
Hospital Cash Allowance
Cover for extra expenses such as taxi fares and phone calls if you're admitted to a hospital overseas as an inpatient.
$75 per completed 24 hours, up to $2,500
Cutting Your Trip Short
Cover for the cost of prepaid travel, accommodation, meals, tours and activities if you are too unwell to complete your journey or a relative in Australia is hospitalised or dies.
Additional Expenses
Cover for the cost of additional accommodation, meals and travelling expenses if your trip is disrupted or you are required to return home to Australia sooner than planned.
Resumption of Journey
Cover for the cost of the airfare to return you to the nearest international airport to where your trip was cut short.
Travel Delay Expenses
Cover for expenses incurred if your return to Australia is delayed due to bad weather, a strike, industrial action or mechanical breakdown.
$100 per completed 12 hours, up to $2,000
Luggage and Personal Effects
Cover for the cost of repairing, replacing or reimbursing you for the cost of your belongings if they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.
Delayed Luggage Allowance
Cover for cost of buying essential items if your baggage is delayed by an airline or transport company for more than 24 hours.
Travel Documents, Credit Cards and Travellers’ Cheques
Cover for the cost of replacing your passport, travel money cards, travellers’ cheques, visas and credit cards if they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.
Theft of Cash
Cover for the cost of replacing your lost or stolen cash.
Personal Accident
Payment for injuries that within 12 consecutive months results in your death, permanent paraplegia or quadriplegia, or loss of, or loss of use of, one or more of your limbs or eyes.
$20,000 or $40,000, depending on the event
Personal Liability
Payment if you become legally liable for accidentally injuring someone or damaging or losing someone else’s property.
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess
Cover for any hire-car insurance excess you become liable to pay as a result of the car being damaged or stolen.
Loss of Income
Payment of your average gross income for up to six months if you become disabled within 30 days of suffering an injury and your disablement continues after your return to Australia, preventing you from earning an income.
Alternative Transport Expenses
Cover for additional travel expenses to reach a planned event (e.g. a wedding or conference) you would otherwise miss as a result of your scheduled transport being cancelled, delayed, shortened or diverted.
Payment if the aircraft or sea vessel on which you are travelling is hijacked during your trip for more than 24 hours.
Pet Care
Cover for the cost of extra kennel or cattery fees if your return to Australia is delayed for more than 24 hours due to bad weather, a strike, industrial action or mechanical breakdown.
*Maximum amount per insured person per trip; includes GST. An excess of $200 applies to some benefits – please see Part 3 of the PDS for more details.
† The following sub-limits apply:
  • Laptops, tablets, cameras, mobile phones: $3,000
  • Per item/pair or set of items: $750
  • Valuables: $750
  • Property (including specified items) lost or stolen from an unattended motor vehicle: $500.

Upgrade your cover

For a higher premium, you can customise your cover by adding one or more of these optional extras to your Comprehensive travel insurance policy:

Snow Sports Cover

If you intend to ski, snowboard or ice skate on your trip, you may wish to add this cover. It insures you for snow sports equipment, lift passes, ski packs, piste closures and avalanches. Read more

Additional Specified Items Cover

If you’re travelling with items valued at more than $750 each, you can increase your level of cover for those items (maximum of $4,000 per item and $6,000 in total) by listing them in your travel insurance.

Excess reduction or waiver

Halve your excess from the standard $200 to $100; or get it waived and pay no excess.

Find out more

The information on this page is a summary only. For more details about travel insurance, including the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply, please read the product disclosure statement (PDS).

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How to make a claim

If your trip didn’t go entirely to plan and you have to make a claim, we’re here to help.

Make a claim on your Comprehensive travel insurance policy

Frequently asked questions

What is the age limit for Comprehensive travel insurance cover?

100 years at the date of application.

If I make a claim on my Budget Direct travel insurance, will I have to pay an excess?

It depends on the benefit you’re claiming: the excess can be either $200 or $0. For example, you’ll have to pay the first $200 of a Theft of Cash claim, but no excess for a Delayed Luggage Allowance claim.

If I get sick or injured or lose my passport while overseas, will I be able to get help?

Yes – all our international travel insurance policyholders can access our worldwide, 24/7 overseas medical and emergency assistance service. If you have a medical emergency, you (or someone else on your behalf) must contact us as soon as possible.

Which sports and activities do you cover?

See our list of covered sports and activities

I’m going on a skiing holiday – what cover do I need?

After choosing one of our five types of travel insurance, you may wish to consider upgrading your cover by adding Snow Sports Cover to your policy, so that you’re covered for any claims relating to snow sports, including skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating.