Budget Direct Money Manager

Important service announcement

Budget Direct is committed to ensuring the products and services we provide continue to add value for you.

As part of a recent review of the overall uptake of the Budget Direct Money Manager system, a decision has been made to no longer offer Money Manager from the 15th March 2022.

What happens now?

The service will continue as normal until the 15th of March where we will automatically delete your Money Manager user account along with any bank connections, transactions or any other data you may have stored with us relating to the Money Manager platform.


To help you understand what this means for you, we encourage you to read the following FAQs.

Please be assured this announcement has no impact on your insurance cover with Budget Direct.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Money Manager account, now what?

Money Manager will continue to function as normal until the 15th March. From this date, Budget Direct will automatically close your Money Manager account. All bank connections that you have established will be removed and all data stored in the service will be deleted.

What will be deleted in my Money Manager account?

Your Money Manager account will be deleted in its entirety. This will include details of all transactions, financial providers you may have connected and functionality setup such as connecting bills, creating budgets, setting up goals and so forth.

Can I delete my account now prior to the 15th March?

Yes you can choose to do so, please see below instructions.

Via the app

  1. Navigate to 'More'
  2. Select 'Profile'
  3. Select 'Delete user account'

Via the web

  1. Sign in
  2. Navigate to 'Settings'
  3. Select 'Profile' under user settings
  4. Select 'Delete user account'
Will the deletion of my Money Manager account impact any financial providers I’ve connected?

No. Money Manager is a read-only platform that aggregates your financial providers.

What should I do with the Money Manager app installed on my mobile or tablet?

After the 15th March you will no longer be able to logon to the app. You can choose to delete the app now by following any recommended device settings for your iOS or Android operating system.

Is my Money Manager account recoverable at any stage?

No. Once Budget Direct deletes your account this is permanent. We are unable to service or support the recovery of any transactions and functionality in the app such as creating budgets, connecting bills and so on after the 15th March

I have a question not covered above?

We are here to support our customers with any enquiries and welcome your feedback. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us via the 'Help centre' on the Money Manager app or online.