Offering the best of both worlds, it’s not hard to see why over 1.1 million Aussies visit the island paradise of Bali each year. With so much to see and do on the island, the last thing you want to worry about is travel insurance. Have a read through of our safety guide before you leave to make sure you get the most out of your holiday with the least amount of stress.

Cancellations and delays

Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits on prepaid travel, accommodation, meals, tours and activities, and visas if your trip is cancelled due to an insured event; and travel delay expenses.

Overseas medical and hospital expenses

Unlimited amount for emergency medical, dental, surgical and hospital treatment and ambulance costs if you suffer an illness or injury on your international trip (excluding pregnancy and childbirth). 

Pre-existing medical conditions

Cover for 27 pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel documents, credit cards and traveller's cheques

Cover for replacing your passport, visas, travel money cards, traveller's cheques and credit cards if they're lost, stolen or damaged.

Rental vehicle insurance excess

Cover for any hire-car excess you become liable to pay as a result of the car being damaged or stolen.

Luggage and personal effects

Cover for the cost of repairing, replacing or reimbursing you for your belongings if they're lost, stolen or damaged.

Personal liability cover

Legal liability cover in case you accidentally injure someone else or damage or lose someone else's property during your trip.

Cruise cover

All four of our international travel insurance policies cover cruises, including those within Australian waters (our Domestic policy does not cover cruises).

Compare all travel insurance benefits, features and claim limits

Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply.

For full details, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Health and safety concerns for Bali

Even when on holiday it’s important to always put safety first. Here are some precautions you can take to guarantee your health and happiness in Bali.

Food poisoning

Drink bottled water and dine in established restaurants to avoid dangerous strains of bacteria in the local food and drinking water.

Dengue Fever

Use insect repellent and mosquito nets to avoid nasty bites that can lead to Dengue Fever.

Know the rules, there are seriously strict penalties for breaking Indonesian laws.

Volcanic activity

Keep on top of security updates to ensure you aren’t travelling into hot territory.

Bali security risks recommends that Australians travelling to Bali should exercise a high degree of caution because of the high threat of terrorist attack. They recommend keeping abreast of security updates, registering your travel plans and getting the right level of cover of travel insurance. There are also additional considerations that you should take before travelling to Bali to ensure your only care is where you’ll be heading for dinner.

Am I covered for riding scooters
and motorbikes in Bali?

To be covered for claims on a two and three wheeled motor vehicle you must comply with the following conditions:

  • As the driver or passenger you must wear a helmet (this is irrespective of the law of the country you are in)

As the Driver:

  • You must hold a driving licence appropriate for the country you are in and
  • If using a motorcycle rated 125cc or higher, you must hold a current and valid licence required for driving the equivalent rated motorcycle in Australia.

What to do before you leave for Bali

No one wants to interrupt their sunbathing schedule with a trip to the doctor, so here are a few things to watch out for to keep your health in tip top shape.

Get Vaccinated


Make sure you’ve had your Diphtheria, Measles, Hepatitis A shots 4-8 weeks before you leave.

What vaccinations do I need for Bali?

Locate the Australian Consulate

Locate the Australian Consulate

Know where to get help if you find yourself in a sticky spot. The Australian Consulate is located in Jakarta.

Ensure you are covered

Ensure you are covered

Cover all your bases with travel insurance that has your back in emergencies.

Overseas medical and emergency assistance

With Budget Direct travel insurance, you get access to a worldwide, 24/7 network of medical and emergency assistance providers.

These include multilingual medical and travel specialists, including about 500 doctors in 34 countries.

Read more about overseas medical and emergency assistance

Frequently asked questions

Does travel insurance cover natural disasters?

Yes – Budget Direct travel insurance can cover natural disaster claims for events (e.g. floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions) that were not public knowledge before you bought your policy.

Among the benefits you can claim are:

Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. For more information, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Does travel insurance cover scooters and motorbikes?

Budget Direct policyholders can be covered for claims arising from two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles, as long as:

As the driver or passenger:

  • you are wearing a helmet (regardless of the law of the country you’re in)

As the driver:

  • you hold a licence appropriate for the country you’re in
  • if using a motorcycle rated 125cc or higher, you hold a licence for driving the equivalent-rated motorcycle in Australia.
Does travel insurance cover rental / hire cars?

All Budget Direct’s travel insurance policies except Last Minute include cover for any rental-car insurance excess you become liable to pay.

The excess is the amount you’re required to pay towards a claim for any loss or damage to the rental car while it’s in your possession (it’s also known as a ‘damage liability fee’).

While it’s designed to limit your financial liability for the loss or damage, the excess can still be as much as several thousand dollars.

Our ‘Rental vehicle insurance excess’ benefit — ranging from up to $4,000 (Essential, Domestic) to up to $6,000 (Comprehensive, Annual Multi-Trip) — can cover most, if not all, of your liability.

(Even if you’re covered by us, you should still read your rental car agreement, so you’re aware of its terms and conditions and any exclusions.)

Which sports and activities does travel insurance cover?

Budget Direct travel insurance includes cover for more than 90 sports and activities and optional cover for more than 12 snow sports.

If I get into trouble overseas, will I be able to get help?

Yes – all Budget Direct’s international travel insurance policyholders get 24/7 access to a worldwide network of 75,000+ medical and emergency assistance providers.

These include multilingual medical and travel specialists, air ambulances and hospitals.

Whether you get sick or injured, lose your travel documents or credit cards, or are robbed, assaulted or arrested, we can get you the help you need.

Note that, if you suffer an illness or injury that requires emergency transportation, hospitalisation or repatriation and/or is likely to cost more than A$500 to treat, you (or someone else on your behalf) must call us as soon as possible.

Read more about our overseas medical and emergency assistance service

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