Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Bare Necessities

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Secret Shed Time

Budget Direct - Money magazine's Best of the Best Winner

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Pitstop

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Trusty Trike

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Rescue Signal

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Kangaroo

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Towing Dilemma

Budget Direct - Money Magazine's Home Insurer of the year

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Desert Trek

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Home Inspection

Budget Direct - Captain Risky’s Road Trip

Budget Direct - Money magazine's Insurer of the Year

Budget Direct - Captain Risky’s Caravan

Budget Direct - Captain Risky’s Kangaroo

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Wheelie Welcome Home

Budget Direct - Captain Risky's Pitstop

Captain Risky - Home Sweet Home

Captain Risky Kicking Goals - Car Insurance

Captain Risky Kicking Goals - Home Insurance

Captain Risky Breaks New World Record!

Captain Risky Bike vs. Bus

Captain Risky Martial Art Madness

Buy, Save, Bobble

Captain Risky's Close Call

Captain Risky's Paddock Havoc

Captain Risky's Jetpack Jousting

Captain Risky Temple of Risk

Captain Risky Ski Jump Driving

Captain Risky Ski Jump Driving - Extended

Captain Risky Ski Jump Driving - Cinema

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Pocket a Bundle

In January Budget Direct launched a new Television Ad featuring Michelle who finds out how she could Pocket a Bundle.

Are you getting fleeced?

In November Budget Direct released a new Television Ad featuring our friendly little sheep getting fleeced to promote our 25% Online Home & Contents discount offer.

No Bulldust

June 2012 sees Budget Direct release the third instalment of the 'Pay Less or get $100' series of TV adverts. Michael and Michelle hit the car wash with an offer that's No Bulldust.


In January 2012 Budget Direct continued its 'Pay Less or get $100' offer by unveiling the latest instalment in their popular series of TV adverts. Michael and Michelle take to the outdoors with 'a deal that kicks...!'

You Could Save a Shipload

In October 2011 Budget Direct signalled the launch of its new 'Pay Less or get $100' offer by unveiling this instalment in their popular series of TV adverts. Michael and Michelle took to the water to challenge viewers to see if they can save a 'shipload' on their Car Insurance with Budget Direct.


Throughout 2009 and 2010 Budget Direct built on the success of the Michael and Michelle campaign by adding this now famous advert, which promoted our offer at that time, 'Pay Less or Get $50' in most Australian states. This 15-second television advertisement built on the previous adverts by adding a catchy new tune, delivered in Michelle's signature French style.


We all like to sing in the car and once Michelle got our tune in her head there was no stopping her. In this advert the cyclist tries to help Michelle get our name right, but as Michelle correctly pointed out at the time, Call them what you like, pay less or get fifty dollars


Launched in August 2010, this was our second advert in the series featuring Michael and Michelle. With Budget Direct's speedy claims process, Michelle was able to make her claim and have the car repaired before Michael got back from his business trip. It just shows another way that Budget Direct is cutting the cost, not the cover.

You Could Save Hundreds of Dollars

This Budget Direct TV advert was launched in September 2008. It was Australia's first introduction to Michael and Michelle, the couple that discovered they could save hundreds by switching their car insurance to Budget Direct. Michelle's quirky French take on our name helped make this ad instantly memorable.