Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, the underwriter of Budget Direct insurance, is a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice.

By agreeing to the code, we have entered into a contract with the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) to abide by the code.

Basically, the code sets out what you have a right to expect from us.

Objectives of code

The objectives of the code are:

  • to commit us to high standards of service
  • to promote better, more informed relations between us and you
  • to maintain and promote trust and confidence in the general insurance industry
  • to provide fair and effective mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between us and you
  • to promote continuous improvement of the general insurance industry through education and training.

Scope of code

The code covers numerous aspects of our relationship with you, including: 

  • buying, renewing, and cancelling insurance
  • professional standards of our staff and service suppliers (e.g. repairers)
  • claims lodgements, assessments, and decisions
  • financial hardship assistance
  • complaints and disputes resolution 
  • accessing information we have about you.

Compliance with code

General insurers’ compliance with the code is monitored and enforced by the Code Governance Committee (CGC), an independent body.

Customers can report suspected breaches to the CGC, which then investigates and, if necessary, agrees with the insurer on corrective measures within set timeframes. 

Any failure to correct a breach can lead to CGC sanctions, which are binding on insurers.

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