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We are on call around the clock, with our 24/7 phone and online claims service. When the unexpected happens we will be there to help. Lodge and process your claim when and how it suits you via our phone and online claims service. Making a claim is quick and easy and we'll help you every step of the way.

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2015 Money Magazine Insurer of the Year Award with 2007-2014 CANSTAR Award

We’ve been awarded the CANSTAR Outstanding Value Car Insurance award for a recordbreaking 10 years in a row – the only brand in any category to win a CANSTAR award 10 years running. Find out more about this award and other awards we’ve won.

Hail Hero

Hail Hero

Our very own hailstorm tracker will send you a text message if there’s hail heading your way, ideally giving you at least ten minutes to get your car under cover. That means fewer repair bills for us, and lower premiums and less hassle for you. Learn more about Hail Hero

More Reasons

More Reasons We're Simply Smarter

At Budget Direct we work tirelessly to improve the way we provide insurance to our customers. We've combined more than 30 years of innovation from our group around the world with 14 years of homegrown Australian excellence to offer you Simply Smarter Insurance. Here’s an extended list of our simply smarter innovations.

Compare Car Insurance Prices

We live in an automatic world – automatic dishwaters, automatic cameras, automatic banking. We even get to the point where we sometimes run on automatic ourselves. We stumble out of bed and put the kettle on without even thinking about it – it’s just automatic. We fast forward through the commercials during our favourite TV show – it’s automatic. And when our car insurance is up for renewal, we tend to just go ahead and pay it – because it’s automatic.

But it shouldn’t be, because going into ‘automatic mode’ with your car insurance means you could be missing out on a savings of several hundred dollars. Why? Because your present insurer might not be quite as competitive as they were when you first signed up, however many years ago that was.

Take a fresh look at your car insurance

Are you getting the value you expect for the hard-earned money you’re spending on auto insurance? Is it flexible enough to match your specific needs? Is the service you get from your insurer up to scratch? Are you satisfied with the policy benefits, or could they be a bit better? And where are the discounts? Instead of shifting to ‘auto-payment-mode’ when your bill arrives, you should be asking yourself these questions. Because who wouldn’t want to save money (sometimes a lot of money) if they could do so with a simple and quick car insurance comparison?

How big is the Budget Direct difference?

Budget Direct is one of the most trusted global names in quality, affordable insurance. We’ve been looking after Aussie drivers since 2000 with Comprehensive, Third Party Property and Third Party Fire and Theft policies that give you the cover you need at a price you can live with.

While other insurers get nervous about customers shopping around, we calmly welcome comparisons – because we know how we stack up against other car insurance companies. Want to know how much money our customers in your state told us they saved when they switched to Budget Direct? That’s easy – we’ve got a handy online tool (the Budget Direct Comparitron™) that can tell you in a matter of seconds. Simply use the dropdown at the top of this page to see how our customers compare us to other popular Australian car insurance companies.

Check out the quality of our policy benefits

A lower price is a great starting point, but what do you get for your money? When you compare car insurance companies, look at the totality of what’s being offered. Does the insurer have a reputation for settling claims promptly, respecting their customers’ needs and looking after the very people who are keeping them in business? Are their Policy Options relevant to your circumstances, or are you paying for something you don’t need?

At Budget Direct, we tailor our policies to your specific requirements with a great range of Standard Benefits as well as some excellent Optional Benefits that you can choose to add if you wish – like Roadside Assistance (can help you get back on road sooner!), Accidental Hire Car Benefit (so you can get around while your car is being repaired) and No Claim Discount Protection (because sometimes, even the best drivers must make a claim).

Flexible payment options and a Money Back Guarantee

We think car insurance should be about choices. How would you like to pay for your insurance with us – annually, fortnightly or monthly? It’s up to you. Do you want to use direct debit, PayPal or credit card? It’s your choice.

We also offer a 21-day Money back guarantee on your car insurance in the event that you should change your mind.  You can also lodge your claims online 24/7 or call our customer service team. What about guarantees on the repairs made to your car if you’re in an accident? No problem – we’ve got you covered there too: we guarantee all repairs we authorise for as long as you own the car. As with all insurance cover, make sure you always read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for details on your individual cover.

So how can I check Budget Direct’s prices and get a quote?

Because we avoid insuring high-risk drivers, we’re able to keep premium prices lower for safe drivers like you. How much lower? Well, we’ve made the process of finding out pretty easy – you might even say ‘automatic’! Just fire up our Car Insurance Estimator, put in a few basic details about the car and drivers, tell us the kind of cover you’re looking for and press the Get a Quote button. Grabbing a Quick Online Quote will only take a few minutes, but can save you heaps!

° Based on Budget Direct customers surveyed since Feb 10th 2015, see www.budgedirectreviews.com.au for details.

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