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Hail Hero

Hail Hero

Our very own hailstorm tracker will send you a text message if there’s hail heading your way, ideally giving you at least ten minutes to get your car under cover. That means fewer repair bills for us, and lower premiums and less hassle for you. Learn more about Hail Hero

More Reasons

More Reasons We're Simply Smarter

At Budget Direct we work tirelessly to improve the way we provide insurance to our customers. We've combined more than 30 years of innovation from our group around the world with 14 years of homegrown Australian excellence to offer you Simply Smarter Insurance. Here’s an extended list of our simply smarter innovations.

What's the difference between Third Party Property and Third Party Fire and Theft?

Third Party Property insurance covers only your liability for damage caused by the car to other people's property, plus a limited amount of cover for the car if damaged in a no-fault accident with an uninsured vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft cover gives you Third Party Property cover as well as cover for your own car if it is stolen or catches fire.

If you require NSW CTP Insurance, please visit our NSW CTP Greenslip Insurance page.

Standard Policy Benefits

Check the table below to compare Third Party Car Insurance with our Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance option.

Benefit Third Party Car Insurance Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance
Hire vehicle following theft. No $1,000
(limit 14 days)
Uninsured Motorist Damage* $3,000 $3,000
Legal Liability Cover $20 million $20 million
Loss or damage to the car caused by fire or theft No Yes
21-day money back guarantee** Yes Yes
Flexible payment options Yes Yes
After-hours claims helpline Yes Yes

Optional Policy benefits

As well as our standard policy benefits, we also offer smart policy options so you can tailor your third party car insurance policy to suit your needs and your budget.

Restricted driver discounts

Not letting anyone under 25 drive your car? Let us know and we’ll give you a lower premium. You can restrict the youngest driver age to 21, 25, 30 or 40.

Roadside Assistance

We’re not all born mechanics. If you don’t want a breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or anything else leaving you stranded, our Roadside Assistance is just what you need.

Low prices for good drivers

Hey, you’re a good driver. So why should you have to pay higher premiums to subsidise those “higher-risk” drivers? We don’t think it’s fair. So we filter out those high-risk drivers who’d push your premiums up, and simply don’t insure them.

The result? Lower premiums for you. Just as it should be.

Product Disclosure Statement

To find out exactly what’s covered and what your options are, check out the Product Disclosure Statement.

* If the car is involved in a no fault accident with an uninsured vehicle we will cover your damage up to $3,000 or the market value of the car (whichever is the lesser), but only if you report the accident to the police and provide evidence the other vehicle is uninsured. 
** If you cancel the policy within 21 days from the date of purchase and do not make a claim on the policy, we will give you a full refund.

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