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Highly Recommended

Based on actual reviews, 94% of Budget Direct Customers recommend us to a friend°. These reviews have been provided by customers who've made a claim or bought a Car or Home & Contents insurance policy from Budget Direct. See what our customers have to say

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Budget direct have recently won the 2016 Mozo People’s Choice Award for our Home Insurance products. Find out more about this award and other awards we’ve won.

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Watch the video to hear from one of our customers about her experience claiming for an accident and why she was glad she was with Budget Direct when a pipe in her house burst.
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More Reasons We're Simply Smarter

At Budget Direct we work tirelessly to improve the way we provide insurance to our customers. We've combined more than 30 years of innovation from our group around the world with 14 years of homegrown Australian excellence to offer you Simply Smarter Insurance. Here’s an extended list of our simply smarter innovations.

Smarter Discounts

Save 20%^

Buy Smart Home or Contents Insurance online to save 20%.

Save 35%^

Combine Smart Home and Contents Insurance and buy online to save 35%.

Your home is worth protecting

Your home is probably the most expensive asset you own. You've worked hard for it, and want to protect it in case the worst happens. But the last thing you want is to work even harder so you can afford to insure it.

Budget Direct Smart Home and Contents Insurance policies let you tailor your policy to suit your lifestyle and your budget. So now you can get cover you need at a price you can afford.

And don’t forget the things that make it a home

Think about what's in your house – your appliances, your whitegoods, your furniture and all your clothes. And don’t forget those personal effects that really make your house a home. Could you afford to replace them if they were stolen or damaged?

We can’t replace your memories. But with Budget Direct Smart Contents Insurance we can at least replace the things that helped create them.

Personal Effects Cover

Got personal items you usually take with you when you leave the house? This option will cover them wherever you take them.

Motor Burnout Cover

There’s nothing worse than a power surge burning out the electrical motors in your appliances. This option covers the cost of replacing them.

Accidental Damage Cover

Accidents happen, especially at home. But with this option we can cover loss or damage to your home and/or contents if they do happen.

If you’re after a great building insurance or house insurance quote, then you should check out Budget Direct’s Smart Home Insurance.

Yes, we call it home insurance. Why? Because we think of it as more than just a house, especially if you live there. It’s your home.

Of course, if you are living there you should check out Budget Direct’s Smart House and Contents... sorry, Smart Home and Contents Insurance, where you can save %^ by combining them both and buying online.

And if it’s an investment property and you need a Smart Home Insurance quote (or several Smart Home insurance quotes if you own more than one), Budget Direct can help with that too.

We look after Landlords too

If you’re renting out an investment property then it’s more than just a house—it’s part of your income. And while you do your best to find tenants who’ll pay the rent on time and not trash the place, you can never be sure.

We understand, which is why we’ve developed cover specifically for Landlords. Now you can get the cover you need to protect your investment.

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° Based on Budget Direct customers surveyed since February 10th 2015, see www.budgetdirectreviews.com.au for details