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When it comes to car insurance policies, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

That’s why Budget Direct offers different types of cover and a range of optional extras – so you can tailor your insurance to get the cover you need at a price you can afford.

Standard Benefits

Standard Benefits

The following table shows the standard benefits and features that apply to our different types of car insurance policies: 

Benefit Comprehensive Third Party Third Party Fire & Theft

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##% ##% ##%
New Car Replacement 24 months/
No No
Emergency transport and overnight accommodation $100 a day
($850 in total)
No No
Hire vehicle following theft. $1,000
(limit 14 days)
No $1,000
(limit 14 days)
Security device discount (approved system) Yes No Yes
Repairs guaranteed for as long as you own the car. Yes Yes Yes
Personal effects $500 No No
Damage to your caravan or trailer in a collision $1,000 No No
No excess when identified third party is at fault Yes No No
No Claim Discount preserved when third party is identified and at fault Yes No No
Flexible payment options Yes Yes Yes
Damage to or theft of child seats/baby capsule in your car $500 No No
Debris Removal $500 No No
Death benefit $5,000 No No
Replacement keys/remote $1,000 No No
24/7 Phone & Online Claims Service Yes Yes Yes
Legal Liability $20 million $20 million $20 million
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Optional Extras

Optional Extras

You can customise your car insurance by adding these optional extras to your cover when you get a quote:

Benefit Comprehensive Third Party Third Party Fire & Theft
Agreed Value or Market Value Yes No No
No Claim Discount Protection Yes No No
Windscreen Excess Reduction Yes No No
Accident Hire Car Benefit Yes No No
Restricted Driver Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Variable Excess to Reduce Premium Yes No No
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes Yes
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The information on this page is a summary only. For more details about Budget Direct’s car insurance, including the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply, please read the product disclosure statement.

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