1. Collect the required information

It’ll be quicker and easier for you to lodge your claim if you have the following information handy:

  • your policy number
  • details of the incident, including time and place
  • other motorists’ names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, and insurance details
  • any witnesses’ names and contact details
  • details of any tow-truck company used
  • police report number (if applicable).

You may wish to read the Product Disclosure Statement, to see what you can claim.

2. Lodge your claim

Call us on 1300 306 560

A member of our team will help you lodge your claim over the phone.

1300 306 560

2 Days

3. Leave it with us

Within two business days of you lodging your claim, we’ll contact you to advise you of the next steps and, if necessary, request more information.

4. Get a decision

On acceptance of your claim, we’ll either repair, replace or pay you the market or agreed value of your motorcycle.