Public Holidays 2022

Australian national public holidays 2022

Public Holiday Day/Date

New Year's Day

Saturday, 1 January

New Year Holiday (additional public holiday)

Monday, 3 January

Australia Day

Wednesday, 26 January

Good Friday

Friday, 15 April

Easter Saturday

Saturday, 16 April

Easter Sunday

Sunday, 17 April

Easter Monday

Monday, 18 April

ANZAC Day   

Monday, 25 April

Christmas Day

Sunday, 25 December

Boxing Day

Monday, 26 December

Christmas Holiday (additional public holiday)

Tuesday, 27 December

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National public holidays in detail

New Year’s Day — Saturday 1st January

New Year’s is one of the most popular national public holidays in Australia. The holiday celebrates the first day of the modern Gregorian calendar, used by Australia and the majority of the Western World. Australia is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, given its proximity to the International Date Line.

Note: South Australia and Northern Territory have a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from 7 pm to 12 midnight.

Australia Day — Wednesday 26th January

Australia Day is the official national public holiday of Australia. Many Australians see it as a day to celebrate what it means to be Australian by acknowledging the contribution each person has made to our nation, past and present.

In 2021 Budget Direct published an Australia Day Road trip survey that reveals Australians’ different attitudes and experiences regarding road trips.  

Easter — Friday 15th April – Monday 18th April

The Easter long weekend is one of the most popular public holidays of the year with people often taking the four days as an opportunity for a break away from work and school.

Anzac Day — Monday 25th April

Anzac Day is commemorated on the anniversary of the landing of the troops on Gallipoli in 1915, marking the first large-scale military action undertaken by Australian and New Zealand forces in the First World War. Anzac Day has been celebrated as a day of national remembrance since 1920 and observed as a public holiday since 1927, to celebrate the troops who have fought and died in Australian and New Zealand service.

Christmas Day — Sunday 25th December

Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December as both a religious and cultural occasion. Falling on a Sunday in 2022, the additional public holiday will take place on Tuesday the 27th of December and may be the perfect time to plan for a road trip.

While Christmas is traditionally thought of as a winter holiday, Australians living in the southern hemisphere celebrate it in the middle of summer and as such, traditional Christmas foods like roasts are often foregone for cold meats and seafood platters.

Boxing Day — Monday 26th December

Originating in the UK, Boxing Day is celebrated on the day after Christmas in most of the nation’s belonging to the Commonwealth. The origin of the name of Boxing Day is uncertain, although a popular theory is that it is based on the tradition of “Christmas Boxes”, which were given to servants on their day off after Christmas, to thank them for their hard work during the year.

Labour Day

Labour Day is the annual celebration of the modern eight hour working day, implemented in the 19th century. Prior to the 19th century, most laborers worked ten to twelve hours up to six days a week. Labour Day advocates for the equal division of the twenty-four hours in a day into three parts, eight hours for work, recreation, and rest respectively. 

Labour Day is held on different days according to each state and territory but is always held on a Monday, forming a long weekend every year.

Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday is a public holiday celebrated in all Australian states and territories as the English monarch is still recognised at the head of state. While it is celebrated on different days depending on the state or territory, it is always held on a Monday, forming a long weekend every year.

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