Steps to Parallel Park Like a Pro

Disregarding any impressive driving stunts you might be able to pull-off, for the majority, parallel parking is easily the most challenging manoeuvre to perfect. We’ve all seen the new “Intelligent Parking Assist Systems” which allows a vehicle to steer itself snugly into an empty parking space without a hassle – however, for those of us still kicking it old school, DIY Parallel Parking can be a daunting task. If you’ve so far been inclined to drive past any empty space requiring such tactics – this video is for you. Our short clip is a step-by-step guide on how to Parallel Park like a Pro, so you won’t have to forfeit another empty space again.


Make sure it’s safe, come to a stop slowly and indicate at the same time – this signifies your intention to anyone behind you and allows them to give you plenty of distance.

Step 1. Pull up next to the space to see if your car will fit.

Step 2. Move forward as close as you safely can to the car in front of the empty space.

Step 3. Put your car into reverse and slowly drive back; when your back tyre is next to their back tyre begin to turn your wheel towards the curb.

Step 4. Once your rear passenger door is even with their bumper, begin to straighten out.

Step 5. Straighten out and make sure you leave enough space between both cars.

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