In Queensland, young drivers are required to follow learner driver restrictions to ensure they stay safe behind the wheel. As a parent, you should know which restrictions apply to the licence your child holds. 

Licence restrictions for L and P-plate drivers were put in place so that new drivers could learn how to drive but also learn from their mistakes. By following these rules, new drivers can practise following Qld road rules and gain awareness around common car accident causes, including speeding, distracted driving, fatigued driving and drunk driving.

Applying for a Learner Licence

Before applying for a C-class learner driver’s licence in Queensland, you can either complete the PrepL program or take the written road rules test.


To enrol in PrepL young drivers must be at least 15 years and 11 months old and have a Queensland residential address. PrepL is an online interactive program with structured lessons that aims to promote safe driving behaviours. At the end of the program, you are required to take a multiple-choice test and receive a 90% passing rate to move on to your learner's licence.

Written Road Rules Test

You must be at least 16 years old to sit a written road rules test at a transport and motoring service centre. You'll need to study Queensland's road rules and can practise taking the test online in preparation for the actual test.

Driving with a Learner Drivers Licence



Learner Licence Restrictions


To be eligible for a learner licence in Qld you must be at least 16 years old and have passed either the online interactive program PrepL or the written road rules test. 

Displaying your L-plates

Learners must display the correct colour and size of L-plates (14.6 cm x 14.6 cm) when learning to drive. There must be one plate on the front and back of the vehicle that can be viewed clearly from 20 m away. 

Supervised driving experience

Learners must only drive with a supervisor who has a valid full driver’s licence for their class of motor vehicle and has held this licence for a minimum continuous period of at least one year.

Learner licence

L-platers must have their learner licence with them while driving. 

Learner licence hours

Learners must record 100 supervised driving hours in a learner driver log book. This should also include 10 hours of supervised driving at night, which should also be noted in your learner logbook.

Hazard Perception Test

Learner drivers must hold a learner's permit for at least 6 months before taking the hazard perception test. You must pass the HPT before you book a practical driving test. You won’t have to pass another HPT to upgrade your P1 licence. 

Alcohol and drugs

L-plate drivers must comply with the no alcohol limits, maintain a zero blood alcohol concentration and must not be affected by drugs (either illegal or prescription) while driving. 

Mobile phone

All learner drivers are prohibited from using a mobile phone while driving. This includes using hands-free, a wireless headset, a mobile phone's loudspeaker function, a handheld mobile phone or a mobile resting on your body. These rules apply at all times, even when you’re stopped in traffic.  

Learner licence conditions

Learner drivers must comply with any additional licence conditions if their licence has a condition code

Road safety

All Queensland road rules apply while driving on your L-plates. 

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Driving with a Provisional Licence



Provisional Licence Restrictions

Displaying red P-plates

Red P-plates must be displayed for the first 12 months (P1 licence) with late-night passenger restrictions. There must be one plate on the front and back of the vehicle that can be viewed clearly from 20 m away. 

Displaying green P-plates

Green P-plates must be displayed for the remaining two years (P2 licence). There must be one plate on the front and back of the vehicle that can be viewed clearly from 20 m away.  


P-platers (with a P1 licence) who are under the age of 25 can not drive with more than one passenger under the age of 21 who is not an immediate family member (not related by blood, marriage or a guardian relationship) between 11pm and 5am.

Hazard Perception Test

P1 drivers who were issued a licence before 29 March 2021, need to pass the hazard perception test before moving on to a P2 or open licence. You must hold your P1 licence for at least a year before you’re eligible for the HPT.  

Demerit points

Provisional P1 licence drivers must not accumulate four demerit points or more in any one-year period. 

Hands-free mobile phone

Provisional drivers over the age of 25 are allowed to operate a hands-free mobile phone with their voice, in a pocket of their clothing or pouch they're wearing, to accept calls, use navigation apps, skip a song and accept/finish a trip as a rideshare driver. 

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