In the Northern Territory, young drivers are required to follow learner driver restrictions to ensure they stay safe behind the wheel. As a parent, you should know which restrictions apply to the licence your child holds. 

Licence restrictions for L and P-plate drivers were put in place so that new drivers could learn how to drive but also learn from their mistakes. By following these rules, new drivers can practice following NT road rules and gain awareness around common car accident causes, including speeding, distracted driving, fatigued driving and drunk driving.

DriveSafe NT for Learner Drivers

As a government driver education and licensing program, DriveSafe NT is available to any Northern Territory residents over the age of 16. Qualified driving instructors and assessors provide road safety education, access to trained supervising drivers and two attempts at the practical driving assessment.

Driving with a Learner's Licence

Northern Territory


Learner Licence Restrictions


To apply for a learner's licence you must be at least 16 years of age, have evidence of your identity and residency, be an MVR customer, pass an eyesight test and knowledge test and pay the licence fee. 

Driver knowledge test

Learner drivers will need to pass a knowledge test to show they have a good understanding of the Northern Territory's road rules. To prepare for the test you should study all information in the Road Users' Handbook and take as many practice tests as needed. 

Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC/BrAC)

L-plate drivers must have a zero blood alcohol concentration and breath alcohol concentration while driving.  

Learner permit

Learners must carry their learner’s licence at all times while driving.

Licence class

L-plate drivers must hold the correct licence class for the motor vehicle they’ve chosen to drive in. 

Mobile phones

Learners must not use their mobile phones while driving, this includes hands-free devices, loudspeaker options or any other mobile phone function. . 

Seat belts

L-plate drivers must ensure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt or an approved restraint.

Posted speed limit

Learners must not drive faster than 80 km/h and must observe the speed limit when it is below 80 km/h.  


Learner drivers must be supervised by a person with a full driver’s licence issued in Australia. Those with a learner driver's licence must practice driving (with supervision) for a minimum of six consecutive months. 

Learner hours

There is no minimum number of driving hours in the NT. However, driving for 100+ hours, as part of a supervised driving experience, can help to reduce your risk of crashing.

Learner plates

The L-plates must be displayed on the back and front of the vehicle and must be the correct colour and size (150 mm x 150 mm).

Position of plates

The plates must be easily visible to other drivers and must not be obscured by the angle of the vehicle’s window, any tinting or louvres on the window or anything on the outside of the motor vehicle. 


L-plate drivers can tow a trailer as long as your learner plates are visible on the back of the trailer. 

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Driving with a Provisional Licence

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, a provisional licence is held for two years, but if you're over the age of 25 then you'll only have your licence for one year.


Provisional Licence Restrictions

Displaying P-plates

P-plates must be displayed on the back and front of the vehicle and must be easily visible to other drivers. Drivers with a provisional licence can also tow a trailer as long as their P-plates are visible on the back of the trailer.   

Posted speed limit

Provisional drivers must not drive faster than 100 km/h and must observe the speed limit when it is below 100 km/h.

Supervising a learner

P-plate drivers are not permitted to  supervise a driver with a learner's permit.

Zero Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC/BrAC)

After completing the P2 period, provisional drivers must continue to maintain a zero blood alcohol limit/breath alcohol limit for a further 12 months or until turning 25 - whatever comes first.

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