Help emergency vehicles save the day

Our research has revealed that more than 20% of motorists will run a red light, make an illegal turn, or drive on the wrong side of the road to make room for an emergency vehicle.

We all want to help emergency vehicles reach their destination quickly and the best way to do that is to know your road rules.

Here are the facts you need to know about emergency vehicle protocol:

– If an emergency vehicle approaches sounding an alarm of flashing lights, move out of its path as soon as it is safe for you to do so.
– If you can’t move left safely, stay where you are and let the emergency vehicle pass you. Emergency service workers are trained to provide a rapid response and anticipate the reactions of drivers on the road.
– Do not drive onto the wrong side of the road, run a red light, or make an illegal turn.
– It is against the law to fail to give way to an emergency vehicle.
– Be aware that there could be more than one emergency vehicle and they could be travelling from different directions.
– Remember, erratic driving can cause further accidents so always practice caution on the road.


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