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The Gibson Desert The Utah Desert of Australia

If you like your desert landscapes empty, The Gibson Desert fits the bill. It covers a whopping 155,000 square kilometres of terrain in the central east rangelands of Western Australia. It’s the 5th largest desert in Australia and most parts of it are inaccessible by road. Its pristine landscapes are practically Martian in appearance.

Top attractions

Scuba Diving

Spot the wildlife

The Gibson is a wild place that’s home to many creatures, including red kangaroos, emus, bilbies, feral camels and Australia’s largest lizard – the perentie.

Scuba Diving

Go off road

This one’s easy – because there aren’t many roads out here! If you go four-wheel driving, be well prepared and have some form of emergency communication.

Scuba Diving

Camp under the stars

Desert sunsets in Australia are magical – and the star-filled night skies aren’t bad either. So grab your swag, boil the billy and check it out.

Outdoor oven alert

In summer, average temperatures are around 40°C in this part of Australia. If you’re camping out in the Gibson in winter, your nights can get down to 6°C. The good news is that the Gibson receives 200-250 millimetres of rain a year (well, sometimes). The bad news: the evaporation rate is about 3600 millimetres a year. Canoeing is not one of the main activities for tourists in the Gibson... but sweating is. Don’t forget your sunscreen – and a big hat.1