Two out of three males are happy to share a spare

April 2010

Male drivers are showing they are not afraid to commit with a surprising 71% happy to hand out the spare key while 66% of females are admitting to being back-seat drivers because they like to keep their eye on the road, or because they don’t always trust other drivers, says low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct.

With the help of market research company footprints, Budget Direct has questioned over 1200 respondents in an off-beat survey designed to uncover the thought patterns of males and females when it comes to the house and car.

When asked about providing a spare key to a partner in the first six months of a relationship, the males were up for it with 49% claiming they would give out keys to both the home and car, while 10% would only give out the house key, and a further 12% would only give out a spare car key.

Spokesperson for Budget Direct Richelle Ward said every relationship is different and while the males were happy to hand over the keys we found a completely opposite response from females.

“The message was clear with 61% of females being against the idea and not prepared to hand over a key to their most valuable possessions,” Ms Ward said.

And it’s official, female drivers fess up to being back-seat drivers with 33% admitting they always keep their eye on the road when other people are driving and a further 33% saying they try not to but don’t always trust other drivers.

On the other hand, 34% of male drivers are frustrated by passengers telling them what to do while 24% also admit that they don’t always trust others drivers.

“While the different mentality of males and females may be difficult to grasp these results certainly offer an insight into how a clash of opinion could occur.

“When asked about who is mostly behind the wheel when driving with a partner an overwhelming 76% of males admit to driving most often. Maybe this is so the females can read the map,” Ms Ward says.

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