Budget Direct has recently released our Road Rage survey and statistics for 2021. We asked 1,000 Australian motorists about their experiences with road rage and aggressive driving on the road.

You may be surprised to learn about the following statistics:

  • Drivers appear angrier than last year. At least 1 in 3 Aussies (36%) have admitted to being involved in a road rage incident in the last 12 months compared to 1 in 4 (28%) in September 2020
  • Of those who were involved in a road rage incident, 38% admitted to shouting, cursing or making rude gestures at the other driver
  • 70% of motorists surveyed would intervene if they witnessed a road rage. But 1 in 3 said they would just drive on by

Budget Direct’s Jonathan Kerr said, “It is quite alarming to hear that at least 1 in 3 motorists surveyed have actually been involved in a road rage incident in the last 12 months”

More people on the road, more road rage

In 2020, we asked 1000 motorists who drive on a regular basis whether they had been involved in a road rage incident, whether they were the victim or the instigator. Keeping in mind that there were less people on the road during COVID at the time of last year's survey, we’ve recorded an 8% rise in the number of people who had experienced a road-rage incident in the last 12 months.

  • 2020 - 1 in 4 (28%) were involved in a road-rage incident
  • 2021 - 1 in 3 (36%) were involved in a road-rage incident

You can find tips on how to avoid aggressive driving and road rage on our Road Rage survey and statistics page here https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/car-insurance/research/road-rage-study.html.

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature only and does not constitute personal advice. The survey was conducted by PureProfile on behalf of Budget Direct in June 2021. All figures are from this research unless stated otherwise. The survey was conducted online with a total sample size of 1,000 weighted and representative of all Australian adults (aged 18+). While Budget Direct has endeavoured to ensure the information we’ve relied on is accurate and current, we do not guarantee it and accept no liability for this information.

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