Motorists in favour of more bike paths

March 2010

With an increase in the number of cyclists using our roads it’s no surprise to find an overwhelming 81%* of Australian motorists support the need for more bike paths.

Budget Direct spokesperson Richelle Ward said attention is once again returning to ensure a safer environment for both motorists and cyclists.

“In a recent survey, motorists were asked what they thought would improve the relationship between them and cyclists, and more bike paths were the most popular response.

“Forty-eight* percent of respondents also felt that motorists should have a better understanding of cyclists’ rights, while a further forty-five* percent said cyclists should show more consideration,” Ms Ward said.

The research conducted also tested the respondents’ understanding of road rules, with one question asking ‘Who should give way at an intersection?’ resulting in an impressive 88% answering the question correctly.

“Surprisingly, when asked if two cyclists could ride side by side within a lane, forty-four percent responded incorrectly by answering ‘no’ when in fact it is perfectly legal.

“These findings highlight the need for both cyclists and motorists to display more responsibility and understanding when using the roads.

“This isn’t the first time we have researched how motorists feel toward cyclists, and while education and understanding of the road rules is improving, there is still confusion as to how these two road user groups can work together,” Ms Ward said.

“Reports show that 2009 was the 10th consecutive year that bicycle sales in Australia have outsold cars, and while our governments are actively investing in cycling infrastructure, there is still an opportunity for greater understanding on the roads between motorists and cyclists,” Ms Ward said.

* Multiple response questions

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