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Travelling across the globe is an exploration into diverse cultures, natural beauty and rich history, and with an open heart and mind, your travels can be a life-changing experience. Proper preparation can help guarantee that your trip is safe and doesn't break the bank.

The first step in planning for a backpacking excursion or beach vacation, for example, is to consider your travelling options. Will your Thailand trip be an epic solo voyage, or will you be exploring Phuket or Bangkok with a travel companion? Do you want to stay in more affordable and adventurous accommodations while island-hopping in Japan, or do you want to indulge in the luxurious beach life at a resort in beautiful Bali?

We provide guidance on travel options for various types of globetrotters, whether you're a student on a tight budget or a family looking for a child-friendly vacation spot. Use our travel-type guides to plan the overseas experience you've always imagined. For example:

  • Backpackers can learn how to mitigate housing costs with affordable hotel and space-sharing accommodation.

  • For seniors considering where to save or splurge, we offer recommendations on discount travel packages and suggest safety precautions worth the extra expense, such as travel insurance to safeguard your trip.

  • Our travelling guide for families also provides pre-travel prep insights, including what to pack and how to budget for food, attractions and accommodation.

Select one of the following travel types and use the guide to help plan the trip of a lifetime. Along with a sense of wanderlust and a good dose of open-mindedness, knowing all your options will help make your dream of adventure a reality.

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