What changes can I make to my travel insurance policy?

Depending on the type of Budget Direct travel insurance you buy, you can change the following details in your policy at the following times:

  At time of purchase Before your trip commences – and within 14 days of the purchase date After your trip has commenced
Excess Yes No No
Travellers on your policy Yes No No
Departure Date Yes Yes No
Optional Extras Yes Yes No
Travel destinations Yes Yes Yes
Return date Yes Yes Yes

Except for the excess, you can make these changes by calling us on 1800 444 424 or logging into your online account and editing your policy.

Can I increase the level of cover for my valuables?

If you buy a Comprehensive or Annual Multi-Trip policy you can, for an additional premium, insure an item (or pair or set of items) for more than the standard benefit limit of $750 – by adding Additional Specified Items Cover to your policy.

This optional cover allows you to specify the item/s on your policy, with an individual description and value, up to a maximum of $4,000 per item and $6,000 in total.

You can add Additional Specified Items Cover when you get a quote and buy a policy.

If you’ve already purchased a policy, you can add this cover by calling us on 1800 444 424 or logging into your online account and editing your policy – before your trip commences and within 14 days of the purchase date.

Note that, if you have an Annual Multi-Trip policy, you must specify an item/s for each individual trip that you require the additional cover. Our other policies – Essential, Last Minute, and Domestic – also provide cover for your luggage and personal effects, which is limited to $500 per item (or pair or set of items).

Can travel insurance be extended?

Yes – as long as you contact us at least two days before your single-trip policy expires, you can extend your cover – just once, and for a maximum total duration of 12 months (90 days for travellers aged 66 to 100).

An Annual Multi-Trip policy is effective for 12 months, however each trip must last 30 days or less (if you plan on taking a longer trip, you’ll need to purchase another, single-trip policy).

How can I see my travel insurance policy details?

You can view and manage many of your travel insurance policy details through your online account.

(You can also see your policy details on the certificate of insurance we sent you.)

How do I set up an online account?

It will vary, according to the following scenarios:

If you buy travel insurance online

When you buy your policy, an online account will be automatically set up for you; you’ll be able to view your policy details immediately. Before you go, we’ll ask you to create a password so you can log into your account later.

If you buy travel insurance over the phone

We’ll ask you to provide us with your email address. We’ll then email you instructions for creating a password so you can log into your online account.

If you’ve bought travel insurance but don’t have an online account

You can register for an online account

I've forgotten my account username and password – what must I do?

If you forget your account username and/or password:

  1. Go to the Policy Manager web page.
  2. Click on the Forgot password? or Forgot username? link.
  3. Verify you are the account holder by typing in your policy number and personal details.
  4. Create a new password.

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