How do I make a travel insurance claim?

To make a claim on your Budget Direct travel insurance, please:

  • download, fill in and send us the relevant travel claim form
  • send us the relevant documents to support your claim (the form will tell you which supporting documents are required).

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When must I lodge my claim?

Budget Direct recommends travel insurance policyholders lodge their claims as soon as possible, ideally within 30 days of completing their trip.

The sooner you lodge your claim, the faster we can pay you any benefits you’re entitled to.

To make a claim, do I have to provide you with receipts?

When you make a claim, we’ll ask you to provide certain documents that support your claim.

Supporting documents include ones that:

  • confirm the incident that led to your claim
  • prove the ownership and value of any lost, stolen or damaged items
  • show any costs you incurred.

They include:

  • travel itinerary
  • receipts
  • invoices
  • airline, tour operator and police reports
  • valuation certificates
  • medical accounts.

The relevant travel claim form will tell you which supporting documents you need to submit with the form.

How will my travel insurance claim be settled?

After calculating the amount payable for your claim, less any excess, we’ll settle it one of three ways:

  • pay for the cost of replacement or repair of your personal items (which may include depreciation)
  • pay for the specified additional expenses
  • pay you or the party to whom you are legally liable.

How long does a travel insurance claim take to process?

Once we have all the information from you that we require to assess your claim, we’ll make a decision on your claim within 10 business days.

After making our decision, we’ll contact you within five business days to let you know the outcome.

Do the benefit amount limits apply to each family member (or travelling party member) or the family (or travelling party) as a whole?

The benefit amount limits are the most we’ll pay each insured person per trip.

For example, if a family of five has Comprehensive cover and all five of them have their luggage stolen, we’ll pay them up to $7,500 each (minus their excesses of $200 each.)

How do I make a complaint about travel insurance?

If you’re unhappy with any of our products, services, decisions, or actions, please let us know.

The first step is to tell one of our consultants what you’re unhappy about – they’ll try to resolve your complaint immediately.

If they can’t, they’ll refer you to a team leader or manager, or you can contact one directly.

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