Guide to detailing your car

It’s good to know how to detail your car properly. If you’re trying to sell it, having it completely detailed might get you a better price. Even if you’re not selling it, your car will be much easier to keep clean if you detail it every now and then.

But there’s more to detailing than just vacuuming the carpet for ten seconds. Here are some nifty tricks that will help keep your car as clean as possible.

Clean your carpet

Don’t just vacuum the carpet—clean it. If it’s really dirty, apply an orange cleaner and then scrub it with a brush that has been sitting in hot water. (If you don’t have orange cleaner, look for a cleanser that will also de-grease.)

It’s also a good idea leave the windows open, as the cleaning process may produce odours you certainly won’t want in your car.

Clean the vents

Your car’s air conditioning and heating vents collect a lot of dust. And as soon as you turn the air on it gets blown into the car and all over you. Not a pleasant way to spend time behind the wheel.

Clean them regularly by using a cotton ear swab as a duster. It will not only keep your car clean, but also make the air feel much fresher.26

Take care of the dashboard

You’ll probably find a lot of dirt, dust and grime on your car’s dashboard. You can probably get rid of most of it just by running a wet rag over the dash. If that doesn’t work, head to your nearest auto accessories store and grab a cleaner specifically made for interior detailing.

Clean the gauges

What’s the point of having gauges in your car if you can’t read them? Keeping them clean will not only make your car look nicer, but also help give you the information you need while you’re driving.

If the protective case around the gauges is plastic, don’t use a glass cleaner. It makes the plastic cloudy and hard to see through. Instead, use a cleaner designed specifically for plastic so it doesn’t leave them streaky or foggy.

Wash your tyres

When you finish cleaning the inside of your car and start cleaning the outside, don’t forget the tyres. There’s no point having a sparkly-clean car if the tyres still look dirty and greasy. If you really want your car to look like it was detailed by professionals, get something to clean the rubber and the rims.

By keeping your car clean, it will not only look better but also feel better to drive. And you’ll feel better too.

The good news is the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. So follow these instructions and give your car a good detail at least once a month.

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