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Getting a car insurance estimate, or quote, is the first step towards buying a new car insurance policy.

Basically, we ask you some questions, assess the risk of insuring you and your car, and then calculate the premium we would charge you.

If you buy a Gold Comprehensive or third party insurance policy online, you’ll receive a 15% discount on your premium.

How is the cost of car insurance calculated?

There are lots of factors that can influence your premium, including:

Your level of cover

Comprehensive insurance costs more than third party cover.

Value for which your car is covered

Expensive cars cost more to replace.

Insurance excess

The higher your excess, the lower your premium, and vice-versa.

Your age

Typically, younger drivers pay more.

Type of car

The higher your car’s performance, for example, the larger the premium tends to be.

Vehicle use

If your car is used for business, you’ll pay more.

Where you keep your car

If your car is parked overnight on the street rather than in a garage, your premium will be higher.

Claims history

The fewer claims you and any other listed drivers have made in recent years, the less you’ll pay.

Choose your cover

With Budget Direct, you can select one of three types of car insurance:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Covers loss or damage to your vehicle due to an accident – regardless of who’s at fault – severe weather, fire, malicious damage and theft; and liability for damage your car causes to other people’s property.
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Third Party Property Insurance

Third Party Property Only Insurance

Covers liability for damage your car causes to other people’s property, including their vehicle and home.
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Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance,,

Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Insurance

Provides the same cover as Third Party Property Only Insurance, with extra protection against loss or damage to your vehicle due to fire and theft.
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Compare our prices

Insurers assess and price risk differently and their premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars, so it pays to compare before you buy.

Because we don’t insure unsafe drivers, we can keep our premiums lower for safer drivers like you.

Use the Budget Direct Comparitron to see what customers in your state told us they saved, on average, by switching their car insurance to Budget Direct.

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How much can I insure my car for?

With Budget Direct, you can insure your car for its market value or, in some cases, for an agreed value.

Market value

Market value is the value of the car at the time of loss or damage, taking into account factors such as make, model, age, kilometres travelled and overall condition. We may use local market prices, recognised industry publications or other sources to determine the market value.

To get an idea of what your car may be worth, search for it in the Red Book or on car sales websites.

Please note that the prices provided by these sites are only meant to be a guide. Your car's market value will be determined by us at the time of the loss or damage.

Agreed value

Agreed value is the amount we agree to insure your car for. We may offer you an agreed value, as long as:

  • your car is less than 10 years old; and
  • your car has not been converted to LPG; and
  • the car has no pre-existing damage; and
  • the agreed value is within an acceptable range of the market value.

The value for which your car is covered is shown on your Insurance Certificate and in your online account.

Frequently asked questions

Is it cheaper to pay my premium annually?

Yes - By paying annually instead of in instalments (i.e. fortnightly or monthly), you’ll pay a lower premium and avoid instalment processing fees.

Can I transfer my no-claim bonus or driving driver rating from my current insurer to Budget Direct?

Yes – as long as you supply us with proof of your current no-claim bonus (or no-claim discount, as we call it) or driver rating.

For example, you may have a renewal notice from your current insurer that shows your no-claim bonus or rating.

We’ll factor in the rating when we calculate your premium.

I don’t drive my car a lot – can I get a discount?

If you clock up less than 10,000 kilometres per year, you can request a Gold Low Kilometres Comprehensive policy, which entitles you to a discount on your premium.

You must tell us the odometer reading of your car within 21 days of your cover starting and also at the time of any claim.

The kilometres per year you select will be shown on your insurance certificate and in your online account.

Note that if you exceed this limit, fail to provide an odometer reading when required or provide an invalid odometer reading, and then make a claim, you’ll have to pay an additional excess.

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