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We're the only Insurance provider to win the coveted National CANSTAR award for Outstanding Value every year since it was first presented in 2007, that's 11 years in a row. We've also won Money magazine's Insurer of the Year in 2017.

Car Insurance – Tasmania

With over 440,000 registered vehicles, Tasmania - despite its relatively small size - has nearly three times as many cars on the road as the Northern Territory. In 2014 it boasted 861 vehicles per 1000 people – a vehicle-per-population ratio higher than anywhere else in Australia. Since 2009, it has also averaged the second highest percentage increase in motorcycle registrations (34.5%) in the country, behind Western Australia1. And if you're in need of a lift to work, there's good news: recent research indicates that Hobart residents are more inclined to drop someone at work than drivers in other capital cities2.

Tasmania is an ideal place for scenic driving, with plenty to see and do within a reasonable distance of the main population centres. But unfortunately, car accidents do happen, with Tasmanian drivers involved in around 43 traffic fatalities and close to 300 serious road-related injuries per year (averaged over the past ten years)3. Having your vehicle properly insured is as important as ever, and that's where Budget Direct can help.

Choosing the policy that's right for you

In deciding what kind of vehicle insurance you need, the first step is to look at the available Policy Options and check out the differences. Budget Direct Car Insurance can provide Comprehensive, Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft cover, clearly spelling out the benefits of each. Once you've chosen the right type of vehicle cover, it then pays to look at what else an insurer has to offer. Our Smarter Benefits include a guarantee on all authorised repairs for as long as you own your car, a 21-day Money Back Guarantee and the reassuring convenience of a 24-hour Claims Hotline so we can attend to your claim quickly. Terms and conditions apply, so see the Policy Disclosure Statement for full details. Do you prefer to manage your policies over the Internet? No problem - with one of the industry's most advanced Online Policy Manager Systems, we make that part easier too.

It's a jungle out there

Here at Budget Direct, we understand that shopping around for a car insurance quote isn't quite as fun or glamorous as, say, lying on a beach in Tahiti or photographing giraffes in Botswana. That's why we've tried to make it as stress-free as possible. Need to know how we compare to other vehicle insurers? That's easy enough – just click here. Want a flexible payment plan that suits your budget and circumstances? We can help with that – with the option of fortnightly, monthly or annual payments, either by credit card or automatic debit.

Your quick and easy Budget Direct car insurance quote is just a click away!

For a super-fast car insurance quote in Tasmania, click here and check out the award-winning Budget Direct difference for yourself. If you think you might be paying too much for your present car insurance, doesn't it make sense to shop around?

Smarter Benefits

A lifetime guarantee on repairs for as long as you own the car.

A 21-day money back guarantee if you change your mind.~

The convenience and peace of mind of our
24-hour Claims Helpline.

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