Budget Direct has insured motorists in The First State since 2000.

Whether you live in Sydney or Newcastle, Lismore or Wagga Wagga, or anywhere in between, we've got a wide range of car insurance for you to choose from.

Switch and save

In comparison to their previous premiums for car insurance, our New South Wales car insurance customers told us they saved an average of $### by switching to Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Here’s a brand-by-brand breakdown of our customers’ self-reported savings:

†See what this figure is based on

NSW residents who switched from… Told us they saved an average of…
Allianz $###
APIA $###
Bingle $###
Coles Insurance $###
NRMA $###
AAMI $###
GIO $###
QBE $###
Suncorp $###
Woolworths $###
Youi $###

Use our Comparitron™ tool to compare car insurance savings reported by our customers throughout Australia.

Award-winning car insurance

After comparing over 47,000 quotes, comparing 50 Comprehensive Policies offered by 41 insurance providers, across 42 Consumer profiles, Canstar proclaimed Budget Direct winners of the National Outstanding Value Car Insurance Award for 2023. In the process, Budget Direct became the only brand in any category to win a Canstar National Outstanding Value Award 17 years in a row.

Canstar also awarded Budget Direct with the Outstanding Value Car Insurance Award for New South Wales in 2022.

View Canstar's award winners and ratings methodology

CANSTAR's Outstanding Value Car Insurance Australia 2007–2023
finder Awards 2021 Winner, Car Insurance - Features NSW
Finder Awards 2024 Winner, Car Insurance — Value

Choose your cover

With Budget Direct, you can select from three types of car insurance in New South Wales:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Covers loss or damage to your vehicle due to an accident, theft, severe weather, malicious damage, and fire; and your liability for accidental damage your car causes to other people’s property.

Read more about Comprehensive Car Insurance


Third Party Property Only Insurance

Covers your liability for accidental damage your car causes to other people’s property, including their vehicles.

Read more about Third Party Property Only Insurance


Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Insurance

Provides the same cover as Third Party Property Only, with extra protection against loss or damage to your vehicle due to fire and theft.

Read more about Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Insurance

Highly rated claims


Assessments and repairs

If your damaged vehicle is driveable, we’ll ask you to take it to one of the following to be assessed and fixed:

  • one of our network repairers
  • a local repairer (if there isn't a network repairer near you).

Alternatively, we may ask you to take your car to one of our two assessment centres, in Sydney:

The assessments generally take about 15 minutes and we can even help find a repairer for you.

If your damaged car is not driveable, call us on 1300 885 996 and we’ll arrange for it to be towed.

After assessing your vehicle’s damage and authorising the repairs, we can appoint a repairer and manage the whole repair process on your behalf.

Our repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

Alternatively, you may be able to nominate your preferred repairer.

Roadside Assistance

For $89.95 a year – about $1.75 a week – you can take advantage of our 24/7, nationwide Roadside Assistance service. 

Whether your car conks out in Darling Harbour or Broken Hill, our New South Wales network of roadside contractors means you’re never too far from help.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

By not insuring unsafe drivers, we can keep our car insurance premiums low for safer drivers.

Depending on the type of car insurance you choose, there are a number of ways you can reduce your premium even further, namely:

  • Select the right level of cover. Do you need comprehensive cover for your car, or would third party property insurance be enough?
  • Set a driver-age restriction. You can get a lower premium by restricting your policy to drivers over a certain age (21+, 25+, 30+, 40+, 50+).
  • Increase your excess. If you’re comprehensively insured and you increase your Basic Excess, your premium may be reduced.
  • Maintain a good driving record. For each claim-free year, you’ll receive a No Claim Discount (NCD) on your premium; the NCD is capped at 5+ years, at which point we’ll give you a Rating 1.
What does car insurance cover?

The things your car insurance covers depends on the type of cover you have; in Australia, there are three broad types of car insurance:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance, which covers loss or damage to your car, as well as your liability for the damage it causes to other people’s property, including their vehicles. Read more
  • Third Party Property Only Car Insurance, which generally only covers your liability for the damage your car causes to other people’s property, including their vehicles. Read more
  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, which covers compensation claims made against you for injuring or killing someone in an accident.
Can I choose my own repairer?

You can nominate your preferred repairer as long as your policy includes the ‘choice of repairer’ policy option.

If you nominate your preferred repairer, and they are not a repairer from our repair network, we’ll ask you to provide us with the repairer’s quotation for the repairs so we can determine whether:

  • the quotation is competitive, and
  • the proposed repair method is satisfactory.

If either of these criteria is not met, we may decide not to authorise the repairs, and instead offer you the option of:

  • having your car repaired by an alternative repairer chosen by us, or
  • paying you the reasonable cost to satisfactorily repair your car.

If the car is unsafe to drive, we will pay the cost to tow the car to your preferred repairer up to a maximum of 100 kilometres.

Note that, if we authorise your nominated repairer to undertake the repairs, we’ll guarantee the quality of the repairs but not the time it takes to complete them.

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