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Car Insurance for Pensioners

If you’re living on a pension or tackling life as a self-funded retiree, you already know that every dollar counts. There are bills to pay, everyday expenses to manage and wonderful grandchildren to spoil. Finding affordable car insurance that meets your needs is an important part of keeping your overall costs down.

Affordable car insurance for retirees isn’t a problem if you know where to look. At Budget Direct, we provide insurance for older Australians (and younger ones too!), and we can tailor your policy to meet your individual requirements. Want to save money on your premium by increasing your excess? No problem. Looking to save even more by setting a driver age limit? We’ve got you covered.

Quality Car Insurance that’s Right for You

Budget Direct has been looking after Aussie drivers since 2000 with Comprehensive, Third Party Property and Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance that’s flexible and competitively priced. Our aim is to provide superb value for the hard-earned money you spend: Well we’ve won Canstar’s Outstanding Value Car Insurance award for the last 11  years in a row. Budget Direct is also Money magazine's 2017 Insurer of the Year.

If you’re a good driver, we think you should be rewarded for that. At Budget Direct, we don’t believe you should pay higher costs to subsidise the ‘Captain Risky’ types of drivers who would push up your premiums. By filtering out high-risk drivers, we can keep premiums a bit lower for safer drivers like you. And we offer a handy range of payment options too: choose between fortnightly, monthly or annual payments and between direct debit, PayPal or credit card.

It’s Smart to be Ready for the Unexpected

If you’re on a pension, there’s a good chance you’ve been driving for a few more years than most, and you’ve certainly noticed that the world of driving has changed a bit since you first got your license. There are now 18 million registered vehicles on the road in Australia (up 12.5% in just 5 years)3. More cars means more crowded driving conditions and unfortunately, more accidents; about 20% of all Aussie drivers have reported being in an accident at least once in the past 5 years.4

Car theft isn’t really going away either. Each year, there are over 50,000 vehicle thefts in this country – at a massive cost to the Australian community.5 Being a mature and careful driver is an advantage, but it won’t always protect you from being involved in an accident or having your car stolen; that’s why quality insurance is a must.

Great Standard Benefits

Our Gold Comprehensive policy has Standard Benefits that make a lot of sense. Here are just a few: if you write off your car in the first 2 years/40,000 kilometres, we’ll replace it with a new one. If you need overnight accommodation and/or emergency transport, we’ll provide $100 per day (up to a total of $850). If personal effects are damaged or stolen when your car is stolen, they can be repaired or replaced up to a value of $500. If you’re in an accident and the third party is identified and at fault, we’ll waive the excess fee and preserve your No Claim Discount.

These are just a handful of the solid benefits that make Budget Direct a smart choice. Terms and conditions apply, so make sure you have a good look at the Product Disclosure Statement for full details of what you’re covered for.

Optional Benefits for Added Flexibility

Our Standard benefits are just the beginning. We also offer a useful range of Optional Benefits should you want to add extra cover for specific needs. For example, our Restricted Driver Discounts provide a lower premium if you restrict the age of the car’s youngest driver to 21, 25, 30, 40 or even 50#. If it’s just ‘the older folks’ doing all the driving, you can get a reduced premium. Budget Direct has the widest range of age restrictions so you can tailor your policy and save. Just another way you get more with Budget Direct.

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We feel that for pensioners, car insurance should be affordable and come with friendly, reliable customer service. With Budget Direct, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your policy comes with a 21-day cooling off period* as well as a lifetime guarantee on all authorised car repairs while you own the car. So go ahead – grab a Fast Quote today and save!

# Optional Driver Age Restriction range as at 2 July 2017. Full age range options only available for new policies initiated on or after this date.
* If you choose to cancel your policy within 21 days from purchase and you haven’t made a claim, we’ll refund your premium


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