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What is a Car Insurance Estimate?

Getting an estimate for car insurance is another way of saying, “getting a car insurance quote.” It’s the first step towards purchasing a new car insurance policy where you provide details about yourself and your vehicle so that an insurance company can calculate the premium you would be charged for your chosen level of car insurance cover.

The specific factors used to calculate a car insurance quote will vary between different insurers, which is why you might find premiums vary so much if you’re comparing car insurance quotes from different companies.

Because we don’t insure unsafe drivers – like Captain Risky – we can keep our premiums low. Before renewing your car insurance, why not calculate how much you would pay — and save — if you switched to Budget Direct.

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How we calculate premiums

There are lots of factors that influence our car insurance premiums, which are calculated according to the likelihood of a person making a claim and how expensive any claim is likely to be.

Among the factors we consider when calculating our premiums are:

  • type of car – the less expensive and/or powerful a car is, the lower the premium tends to be
  • modifications – typically, changes to a vehicle’s look or performance will increase the premium
  • level of cover – ranging from third party car insurance, our most basic, up to comprehensive – the more protection someone has, the more they pay
  • insurance excess – the higher the excess, the lower the premium and vice-versa
  • regular and other drivers’ age – younger drivers pay more, especially those under the age of 25
  • annual mileage – the less kilometres someone clocks up, the lower their premium is likely to be
  • car use – if a person uses their vehicle for business – and not simply for commuting to work – they may pay more
  • where the car is kept overnight – depending on the amount of crime in a postcode, the premium may be higher, especially if the car is parked on the street (as opposed to a garage, for example)
  • no-claims discount rating – the lower someone’s rating, the lower their premium
  • driving record – the more points a person has on their licence or accidents they’ve caused, the higher their premium (assuming they can get cover); a clean record could earn them a discount
  • the state someone lives in – a state or territory’s theft rate and driving population can affect the premium.

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