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There’s no way around it - some things in life are simply not easy. Not easy. Saying the words ‘toy boat’ extremely rapidly 5 times in succession? Not easy at all (go ahead – try it). But one of the easiest things you can do today is decide on the right car insurance for your needs. No, you don’t have to wade through 54 different insurer websites, cramming your brain with endless statistics and ending up more confused than when you started. Here at Budget Direct, we’ve made the whole process a lot easier for you. Just follow these steps:

  1. Compare and save

    We’re happy for you to compare our prices with the competition, and a good place to start is with our Budget Direct Comparitron™. This convenient online tool only takes a few seconds to give you an average of what customers in your state told us they saved by switching their car insurance over to Budget Direct. And if you’re still curious about how our prices stack up against the competition, consider this: We’re the only insurance provider that has won the coveted Canstar award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance 10 years in a row (since 2007).

  2. Choose the cover that suits your circumstances

    Budget Direct has been providing car insurance to Australian drivers since 2000, offering Comprehensive, Third Party Property and Third Party Fire and Theft cover that’s affordable and can be tailored to individual circumstances. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our service, the transparency of our policies and the super-competitive prices we offer to discerning motorists. Because we don’t insure high-risk drivers, we’re able to pass savings along to our customers - and that means lower premiums for you.

    Depending on your chosen policy, it may be possible to shrink your premiums even further: did you know you can reduce your premium by raising the excess on a policy, or stipulating a lower age limit for drivers of your car? And, if you purchase our Car Insurance online, we’ll even give you a ##% discount. See – we told you we’d try to make the choice easier for you, didn’t we?

  3. Check your policy benefits to ensure you’re adequately covered

    Every driver is different, so there’s no one insurance policy that’s ideal for everybody. It’s important to read the Policy Options document available so you fully understand our Standard Benefits. You’ll also find a great range of Optional Benefits that you can choose to add on if you feel the need for additional cover for special situations.

    So what can you expect with Optional Benefits? How about options like Roadside Assistance, No Claim Discount Protection, Windscreen Excess Reduction, Accidental Hire Car Benefit and more? Working out what you need is a breeze - you can check our policy offerings with one click.

  4. Look for the extra ‘little things’

    When you’re deciding on a car insurer, you soon learn that the little things do matter – like flexibility. For example, with Budget Direct you can pay for your cover fortnightly, monthly or annually, and you get the choice of direct debit, credit card or PayPal to make your premium payments.

    Insuring with us has a few other ‘perks’. We offer a solid guarantee on any repairs we authorise for as long as you own the car. You can lodge your claims online and there is also a 21-day Money Back Guarantee on your car cover if you should change your mind, and haven’t made a claim. Naturally, you’ll want to read the Product Disclosure Statement for the full details.

  5. Use our online CAR INSURANCE ESTIMATOR and grab a fast quote!

    Yes, we’ve saved the coolest step for last. Once you’ve checked out how we compare with the rest of the industry, chosen the type of policy and the benefits you feel are right for you and drooled over everything we offer (that’s figurative drooling only, please), you’re ready for the final magical ingredient in the recipe: our convenient online Car Insurance Estimator.

    Just go to the handy Estimator page and fill in some very basic information (make, model and year of car, where it’s parked at night, some driver details, the kind of cover you’re looking for, etc.) and then you’re set – all you need to do is press the button at the bottom of the page to get a Quick Online Quote. And then save!


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