Where are the amateur home designers of Instagram?


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Staying home is the new ‘going out.’ It’s no wonder the world has gone DIY crazy, designing and redecorating their interiors to the last exquisite detail. And the best way to show off your amateur home design these days is Instagram.

The #DIYhomedecor hashtag is alight with decorating trends, maverick ideas, and all the satisfying before-and-after pictures you desire. But where in the world are these divine interiors hidden? And which home décor styles are trending right now?

Budget Direct scoured Instagram for every #DIYhomedecor image with location info attached. We analysed where these home décor photos were taken, and which design trends Instagram’s amateur home designers are using the most. And we made a lovely map and gallery to help you navigate on your search for inspiration for your new home look.

The wide world of DIY interior design

Our map of #DIYhomedecor hashtag usage illustrates the world’s Instagram amateur decorating hotspots. Zoom in and out to explore your region, and hover over/tap the hotspots for more details.

London, England, is the world capital of #DIYhomedecor. We found 961 Instagram photos taken in London using that hashtag. But the U.S. is the land of amateur interior design. America has a total of 26,476 images next to second place U.K., which has just 5,055 posts.

In Australia, DIY seems to be an east coast thing! Melbourne (141 posts), Sydney (127), and Brisbane (100) are the cities where the most homeowners are taking on the challenge of decorating their home by themselves. Queensland is the number one state for DIY home décor, with 320 posts in total.

The top #DIYhomedecor trends & design styles

We identified the hottest amateur home décor trends and styles using the #DIYhomedecor hashtag. By style, we mean the overall look of a DIY makeover. For example, Modern is the most popular style, and Vintage is second place. A home décor trend is a detail, technique, or feeling that has caught the imagination of the home-decorating masses. For example, macramé textiles are the number one DIY trend at the moment, and hygge – a Scandi sense of cosiness – is also in the top 5.

Scroll through the images below to reveal Instagram’s hottest DIY trends and styles and learn a bit more about what each hashtag means.

The top 5 rooms Instagrammers are decorating themselves

The kitchen is the most commonly DIY-decorated room on Instagram. We found 21,296 #DIYhomedecor-tagged posts set in kitchens. The garden and bedroom were a pretty close second- and third-place with around 17,000 posts each. The bathroom is in fifth place, for those Instagram photographers lucky enough to have a ‘smallest room’ big enough to get a decent photo.


The Instagram kitchen lends itself to a rustic aesthetic. The smell of baking is heavenly against a setting of exposed wood. Traditional equipment like an Aga stove will help you enjoy the full experience, melding lifestyle and aesthetic together. There are so many details to fix in the kitchen that it was the clear ‘winner’ of most-decorated room by over 3,000 posts.


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The garden is a blank canvas where the DIY-er can try things out and tinker to their heart’s content. Chalk paint breathes new life into garden furniture and walls and can give an urban yard that cottage getaway feel.


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The bedroom should be a comfortable and restful place. It’s a good spot to try out your macramé skills, adding a sense of softness with a woven headboard, for example. We found 17,640 bedroom-themed posts from Instagram’s amateur home design community.


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Living Room

Your living room style will depend a lot on the make-up of your household. Instagram’s family homes proudly display their kid’s paper crafts in the living room. The modern look works well for sophisticated urban singletons and couples but quickly loses its edge with messy young’uns around.


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A tiny bathroom is a DIY décor challenge. How to fit all your ideas in and make it look bigger while keeping the smallest room usable? Instagram is the place for inspiration, and the popular modern style is a sensible way forward due to its efficient use of space and tendency to look wipe-clean hygienic.


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Love Your Décor

The word ‘amateur’ comes from the Latin word for love. So, if you lack the confidence to redesign your home by yourself, remember that you have more love for your home than a hired interior designer ever will. Take strength and inspiration from your DIY comrades on Instagram, and give a little love back by sharing your efforts with the #DIYhomedecor hashtag.

Methodology & sources

We analysed 500,000 Instagram posts tagged with #DIYhomedecor to find out where in the world each post came from. Then we sorted the geo-location data into country, city, state, region, and province to create the visualizations you see today.

The data was collected in June 2020. For the full data behind this project, visit bit.ly/DIYHomeDecorData.

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