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Australian jobs at risk of automation

The risk of job losses due to automation and computerisation throughout Australia by 2030. About this data.

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Risk of job loss by automation in Australia

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  • Managers Includes chief executives, general managers, specialist managers, farmers and farm managers.
  • Clerical & Administrative Workers Includes office managers, project managers, personal assistants, secretaries, call centre operators, receptionists, bookkeepers, and office-support workers.
  • Professionals Includes professionals in the fields of arts and media, finance, human resources, sales and marketing, design, engineering, science, transport, education, health, ICT, law, and social welfare.
  • Sales Workers Includes sales representatives, real estate agents, sales assistants, insurance agents, checkout operators, and office cashiers.
  • Technicians & Trades Workers Includes technicians and workers in the fields of engineering, ICT, science, automotive, construction, telecommunications, food, horticulture, hairdressing, printing, and textiles.
  • Machinery Operators & Drivers Includes drivers of taxis, buses and trains, stationary-plant operators, mobile-plant operators, and storepersons.
  • Community & Personal
    Service Workers Includes health and welfare support workers, child carers, education aides, personal carers and assistants, hospitality workers, defence force members, firefighters, police, and personal trainers.
  • Labourers Includes cleaners, construction and mining labourers, factory workers, food-preparation assistants, farm workers, freight handlers, and shelf packers.
Risk Jobs
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