Car Insurance Quotes & Online Car Insurance provider Budget Direct finds Unsafe Easter Driving

March 17, 2008

A recent study by leading low cost online car insurance provider, Budget Direct, has revealed that one in two motorists under the age of 40 are unaware of, or ignoring the dangers involved in not having their vehicle serviced regularly.

The results showed that less than half (46 per cent) of Australian motorists under the age of 40 follow manufacturers recommendations and have their vehicle serviced regularly. The study further found, that of all motorists, women (50 per cent) were far less likely than men (68 per cent) to have their vehicles serviced.

Managing Director and CEO of Budget Direct, Michael Weston, said the results are a major concern, especially with the Easter holidays fast approaching.

“I believe that many motorists probably don’t realise that failing to have their car serviced regularly can significantly increase their chances of having an accident. Even small things like incorrect tyre pressure can turn a minor accident into a major one,” Mr Weston said.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, 28 motorists died in road accidents during the 2007 Easter holiday period, with only Tasmania and the Northern Territory remaining fatality free.

The National Fleet Manager for Ultra Tune Australia, George de Bondt, said while safety checks are vital for all vehicles, they are particularly important for older vehicles.

“An important thing to check for on older vehicles is that the seat belts are all in perfect working order. If a seatbelt is not retracting properly or is showing any signs of fraying it’s essential that it is checked by a professional,” Mr de Bondt said.

“In the event of an accident a seat belt takes an immense amount of weight and being frayed, twisted or loose around your body could dramatically increase the chances of serious injury”.

Mr de Bondt said he would also encourage motorists to read their vehicle handbook to learn more about their vehicle. The handbook describes a number of basic inspection items the owner/driver should attend to on a regular basis.

Easter safety tips for motorists:

  • Check all of your vehicle's fluid levels. This includes engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Most newer cars have transparent coolant reservoir tanks and in most cases, the vehicle handbook will explain how and when to check all these levels.
  • Ensure your windscreen wiper blades work effectively and do not merely smear grime over the glass. Poor visibility is a major contributor to road accidents so if you haven’t changed your wiper blades since last winter, consider having them renewed, and add some washer additive to the washer reservoir.
  • Check all the drive belts and hoses for any signs of wear and deterioration. Belts that are frayed, glazed, cracked, cut or have chunks missing should be replaced immediately
  • Ensure all indicators, brake lights and headlights are functioning properly
  • Remember, most newer vehicles will have a variety or warning lights and gauges on the dashboard. Become familiar with what each of the lights and gauges refer to and if they illuminate have the matter inspected without delay.
  • And finally, not only can a pre-trip inspection help reduce chances of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble, it also provides an opportunity to have needed repairs completed with a specialist who knows your vehicle

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