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Given the temporary pause on air travel in the past 18 months, it’s not surprising that Aussies are turning to road trips for their getaways [1].

But this renaissance on the road has highlighted a prominent message — that it’s never been more important to have roadside assistance.

Budget Direct has been helping Australians get back on the road since 2004 and is proud to have assisted in over 80,000 roadside callouts in the last year alone.

And from all of that data*, we can share some of the common themes and issues, and help you stay safe on the road.

* Based on roadside assistance callouts between 08/2020 and 06/2021

Statistically, no one likes Mondays

The start of the week is the busiest day for roadside assistance, with peak callouts occurring between 8am-12pm. The data also reveal that as the week progresses, callouts for roadside assistance slowly decline, with Sundays the least busy day.

Interestingly, the spike in callouts is a result of what has happened over the weekend, with the majority of people who start their workweek on a Monday, only realising there’s a problem with their car at the beginning of the week.

The main culprit; flat batteries.

Our road trips are running flat

Whether it’s batteries or tyres, flats have made up more than 50% of callouts.

Batteries were the most requested roadside callout – triggering 43% of roadside services performed. This was followed by breakdowns (29%) and flat tyres (13%).

One of the most common causes for flat batteries is driver error. Little mistakes like leaving interior lights on, or the car door slightly ajar can easily drain your battery. Battery failure can also occur in cars that haven’t been used in while.

Budget Direct’s roadside data also highlighted that 1-in-13 callouts were for flat tyres — which either required a tow or fitting a spare tyre.

Before any road trip, it’s important that you check your tyres regularly for things like tread depth, PSI, and even flat spots, especially when your car has been parked stationary for too long.

From Broome to Byron

43% of Budget Direct callouts across Australia were for flat batteries. And from all those callouts, we can identify the top 10 suburbs that were charged up and back on the road:

Top 10 suburbs for flat batteries

Rank Suburb
1st Point Cook (Vic)
2nd Tarneit (Vic)
3rd Blacktown (NSW)
4th Parramatta (NSW)
5th Epping (NSW)
6th Melbourne (Vic)
7th Reservoir (Vic)
8th Auburn (NSW)
9th Richmond (Vic)
10th Bankstown (NSW)

When it comes to flat batteries, Sydney has a wild west, with 5 of Budget Direct’s top 10 suburbs all located on Sydney’s west side, and all within driving distance of each other.

Otherwise, the top suburb across Australia for flat batteries for was Point Cook, a suburb south west of Melbourne.

Don’t let a breakdown interrupt your next adventure

A survey conducted by Budget Direct back in 2020 found that 1 in 3 Aussie’s fear the prospect of breaking down far from home, which is a good reason to invest in roadside assistance, should you ever need it.

Budget Direct offers 24/7 roadside assistance for your vehicle, regardless of when it breaks down. With over 2,500 service providers — including mobile mechanics, battery specialists, locksmiths, tow-truck operators, and tyre repairers, Budget Direct can help you save a handful of headaches on your next holiday.

Budget Direct also provides GPS tracking to callouts#, so you can follow your roadside contractor’s location and estimated time of arrival.

It’s not worth letting a flat flatten your next trip. Find out more about Budget Direct’s Roadside Assistance and become a member today.

#Tracking available in selected regions only.

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