NSW Compulsory Third Party Insurance

Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance protects you (or the person driving your vehicle) against damages claims made against you for injuring or killing someone in an accident.

In most states and territories there is only one approved provider of CTP insurance; New South Wales is one of the jurisdictions in which motorists can choose their CTP, or ‘green slip’, insurer.

You must have a green slip to register your vehicle in NSW (trailers are excluded).

What’s covered?

Your legal liability for injuring or killing someone in an accident.

At-fault driver cover

Up to six months of weekly income payments, necessary medical expenses, and home-help costs if you’re injured in an accident you cause.*

*Applies only to accidents that occur after 1 December 2017.

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Need more cover?

Compulsory third party insurance does not cover:

Damage to your vehicle No
Damage to someone else’s vehicle and other property No
Theft of your vehicle No

To be covered for one or more of these incidents, you would need to take out either:

Frequently asked questions

What is compulsory third party insurance?

Compulsory third party insurance protects you against damages claims made against you (or the driver of your vehicle) for injuring or killing other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and/or cyclists in an accident. It does not cover damage to your vehicle and other people’s property (e.g. their car and home).

All vehicles in Australia must have CTP cover before they can be registered and legally driven on the road.

In some states and territories, there is only one approved provider of CTP insurance, while other jurisdictions allow you to choose from several different providers.

Depending on which state or territory you live in, your CTP insurance premium is paid either as part of your vehicle registration fee or separately.

How long is my NSW CTP insurance effective for?

You can buy green slip cover for six or 12 months.

How quickly after getting my green slip will I be able to register my car?

We’ll notify Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) electronically when you purchase your green slip, even if you’re registering the car for the first time.

Please allow one hour for the notification to go through.

You no longer need to present a hard copy of the green slip receipt.

What happens to my CTP cover if my car registration expires?

Your CTP cover expires at the same time as your vehicle’s registration.

In other words, if you forget to renew your registration and your unregistered car is involved in an accident resulting in injury or death, you can be sued for a lot of money.

How do the CTP green slip reforms, that started on 1 December 2017, affect me?

For information on the NSW Government's reforms to the state's CTP green slip scheme, please visit the State Insurance Regulatory Authority website.

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