NSW Compulsory Third Party Insurance

Compulsory Third Party insurance*. You may know it as CTP Insurance, or even a “Green Slip”. But whatever you know it as, you need it if you want to register your car in New South Wales.

Actually, it’s compulsory for all of Australia. It’s just that NSW is one of the two states where you can choose your CTP insurance provider.

CTP Green Slip insurance protects you against claims arising from anyone being killed or injured in an accident, including drivers, passengers inside any vehicles involved, pedestrians and cyclists. In NSW it also covers you for injuries and fatalities caused by your trailer.

Basically, it’s there so you won’t be held personally liable for accident-related injury expenses.

The good news is because you get to choose your CTP provider, you can get a great deal on CTP insurance. And if you’re a good driver over 30 your premium could be even lower**.

Of course, CTP insurance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs or property damage, so you should also think about getting comprehensive car insurance. We have great deals on that.

At Budget Direct we want to help you save money wherever we can, and CTP Green Slip insurance is no exception. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote on your NSW CTP Green Slip Insurance and see how much you could save.