How does the promotion work?

If you buy a car on but haven’t had time to think about insuring it, you can apply for seven days’ of free comprehensive car insurance.

This convenient cover, provided by Budget Direct, will give you a week to shop around for an annual insurance policy that’s right for you.

While you shop around, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your car is covered.

After comparing different car insurers’ benefits and prices, you can then decide whether to stick with Budget Direct (and apply for an annual policy) or switch to another insurer.

Your free cover will expire after seven days, regardless of your decision.

What does Budget Direct comprehensive car insurance cover?

Budget Direct comprehensive car insurance covers loss or damage to your car due to collision, severe weather, fire, theft, and vandalism.

It also covers your liability for the damage your car causes to other people’s vehicles and other property.

This coverage applies to the seven days’ of free cover as well as any annual comprehensive policy you decide to take out with Budget Direct.

Is there a time limit for applying?

Yes – you must apply for the free cover within seven days of buying your car.

We recommend you apply on the day you buy the car, so you don’t drive it uninsured.

How long does the application process take?

Applying for the seven days’ of free cover takes about five minutes.

What information will I be asked for during the application process?

Budget Direct will ask you a series of questions about you (and any other drivers) and your car.

For example, they’ll ask you how the car will be used, where it will be parked at night, and about the drivers’ driving and claims history.

Which drivers must be listed on my free, seven-day policy?

Budget Direct will ask you to provide details of the regular driver and the youngest driver – you won’t need to list any drivers.

I’m buying a car on finance – can I get the free cover?

Yes – however, before applying for the free cover, Budget Direct recommends you ask your finance company whether they have any special insurance requirements.

I intend to use my car for business – can I get the free cover?

No – the car must be for personal use only (including commuting to and from work); the seven-day policy does not cover cars being used for any type of business.

How much can I insure my car for?

You can insure your car for its market value – the reasonable cost to replace it with one of the same make, model, age, mileage and overall condition.

Your car's market value is determined by Budget Direct at the time of any claim for loss or damage to the car.

How will I know my car is insured?

Budget Direct will email you a certificate of insurance and a product disclosure statement.

The certificate will include your policy number and the time and date your seven-day cover will expire.

Will I be sent reminders of when my seven-day cover is due to expire?

Yes – Budget Direct will email and – if you’ve given them your mobile number – SMS you two reminders.

You’ll receive the first reminder 24 hours before your free cover is due to expire, and the second reminder in the afternoon prior to the when the cover expires.

Will I be obliged to buy an annual policy from Budget Direct?

No – your seven days’ of free cover is obligation-free.

In other words, after seven days, the cover will expire – you won’t be locked into any policy with Budget Direct.

In the meantime, you can shop around for the best annual car insurance policy for you.

What if I decide not to stick with Budget Direct?

If you decide to go with another insurer, no worries – your Budget Direct cover will expire after seven days regardless.

All you’ll need to do is consider getting your car insured by another provider before then.

If I decide to stick with Budget Direct, what will I need to do?

Before your free, seven-day cover expires, get a quote.

If you’re happy with the quote, buy a Budget Direct car insurance policy – your car will be covered from the policy start date you select.

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, Budget Direct will help you.

Make a claim on your comprehensive car insurance policy

If I make a claim, will I have to pay an excess?

Yes – if you make a claim during the seven-days-free-cover period, your Basic Excess will be $1,200.

Additional excesses may also apply, namely:

  • driver is under 25 years of age
  • driver has not held a full Australian licence for at least two years.

You won’t have to pay an excess if you’re involved in an accident that was not your fault and the amount of your claim is more than the Basic Excess.

(If you end up buying annual cover from Budget Direct, your Basic Excess will be substantially lower – and, for an additional premium, you may have the option of reducing it further.)

Will the repairs to my car be guaranteed?

Yes – we’ll guarantee authorised repairs to your car for as long as you own it, including the materials and workmanship.

How can I find out more about Budget Direct comprehensive car insurance?

For more details, including the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply, please visit the Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance web page.

What if my details are either incorrect or changed on my Carsales policy document?

No problem, you can inform us of any issues by clicking here and completing the form. We're sorry we cannot change dates when the free cover begins and/or expires.

Can you supply a certificate of currency for my new car?

We can, but only with a 12 month policy. You can get a quote here. If you’re happy with the quote, buy a Budget Direct car insurance policy – your car will be covered from the policy start date you select.

Make a claim

If you need to make a claim, we’re here to help you get back on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible. Make a claim on your car insurance policy.

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