The great navigation debate

The great navigation debate

There’s always been a great debate when it comes to the art of navigation. Traditionally, it revolved around which sex was best equipped to navigate. With the advent of technology the debate has moved to include which navigation device should we believe – the good old fashioned map or the GPS?

Road map

Some of us like the nostalgia of the road map. It’s something tangible that allows you to see the big picture of where you are heading and won’t tell you to go the wrong way down a one way street. It’s also relatively cheap. However, not everyone has the skills to read a map, nor will everyone admit that once in charge of the map.


On the other hand, a GPS is great for solo road trips, can provide you with step by step directions and doesn’t require you to understand all of the strange symbols that cartographers use. Unfortunately, it also isn’t intuitive in knowing that your car doesn’t have 4WD to take that dirt track during the wet season. Because it is electrical, it can also stop working right when you need it.

The verdict

Both navigation devices have their pros and cons, and people have their own preferences in how they like to navigate. Perhaps then, the answer to the great navigation debate lies in combining the best of both worlds with a measure of common sense. Use the map to plan your next trip with your family before you get in the car. Then, punch in your destination and planned route into your GPS and away you go.

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