If the iconic MINI was designed by different manufacturers


We all know the legendary MINI. We have seen it on the rally stages of Monte Carlo and Finland, and has also been driven by Mr. Bean on TV. The car is a classic by its own right and it is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the history of cars. We decided to find out how the MINI would look like if it was designed by different manufacturers.

Challenger MINI

There are probably only a few car models (if any!) that are more British than the iconic MINI. Same goes for Dodge Challenger in the USA: it is an embodiment of American cars. Here we present the MINI Challenger.

Bugatti MINI

Bugatti has stunned the world of cars by producing models like Veyron and Chiron. Those cars set a new benchmark for other supercars, as they pushed to the limits of speed. Pair them together and the result is awesome. But would the Bugatti MINI reach the top speed of 267 mph like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport did? Let’s hope so!

Porsche MINI

Porsche is known for its 911 which was first introduced in 1963. The style has stayed recognizable through the decades, but could Porsche have created its own sports car MINI? After the release of the most powerful 911 ever, GT2 RS, we really want to see a modern and powerful version of Porsche MINI!

Bentley MINI

Bentley has manufactured some impressive, big cars like Mulsanne. The car offers space and luxury, but what if you live in a big town and have a small parking lot? We think Bentley should create its own MINI which keeps the Bentley-style headlights but would fit in any parking space.

McLaren MINI

McLaren has challenged Ferrari on F1 tracks for decades, but they battle also on supercar markets. McLaren’s cars are always special, but maybe it is time to think really outside of the box. Why not combine two famous brands from the UK: McLaren and MINI? This is how it might look like.

Ariel MINI

Ariel is one of our favourites. We would love to take Ariel Atom for a ride around Nürburgring: that would be a day to remember! Atom could be the inspiration for the Ariel MINI model too: setting up a roll cage and a windscreen – for the track days. In the case for night driving, this version has the headlights done in MINI-style.

These examples show that the history of MINI could have looked quite different if other manufacturers had tried the concept. We are not quite sure which of these versions we like the most because every one of them is pretty special. But, we have to admit that the idea of taking the Ariel MINI for a spin around a racetrack would be on the top of the list!

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