“We Can See You Breaking The Law” Say Fed Up Drivers

October, 2011

An astonishing one third of drivers admit to using a handheld mobile phone while driving, with males and females aged 25-34 the worst offenders at 50% says low cost car insurance provider Budget Direct.

These results highlight motorists’ frustration as seven out of 10 say they are infuriated by careless drivers who risk the lives of others over a simple phone call or text.

Spokesperson for Budget Direct Richelle Ward said it’s frustrating to see drivers on the phone or texting while driving. They have difficulty staying on the road as they try to do both actions at once. People think they are invisible when behind the wheel but guess what – we can see you!

Proof of this is how an unbelievable 99% of drivers claimed to see motorists using a hand-held phone, proving that current enforcement of the mobile phone law is inadequate.

“Motorists have every right to be upset with those who flout the rules and talk/text while driving because it’s dangerous and inconsiderate to other drivers”, Ms Ward said.

The National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) 2011-2020 draft toyed with the idea of prohibiting all mobile phone use (including hands free) for all drivers although after review, the strategy has changed somewhat.

The new NRSS strategy argues that emerging naturalistic driving studies suggest risk factors like talking and listening may be comparable to other driving distractions and any changes to the current law would require thorough analysis.

“Budget Direct went to the public and asked what they thought about banning mobile phone use altogether and half (50%) said they would support such a plan. This is again proof that motorists are fed up with inconsiderate drivers”, Ms Ward said.

Under current law there is a complete ban on all mobile phone use for Learner and P1 license holders under 25 years of age. This restriction means no hands-free kits, wireless headsets; or even loud speaker devices are permitted.

The Governments action plan for the next three years is to strengthen education and enforcement measures, promote the safety benefits of driving with your phone switched off, and extending the ban on all mobile phone use to include all P2 drivers or all drivers less than 26 years of age.

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