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Slam on the breaks, tear off your motorcycle helmet, and shake out your hair: this is an Instagram moment.

Instagram is the ideal meeting point for motorbike culture – fast, slick, and monosyllabic. You’ll find all the news, views, wheels, and meets you need through the #BikersOfInstagram hashtag. But if you’re new to motorcycles or Instagram, Motorcycle Instagram can be tricky to navigate. So, Budget Direct made a map. In fact, we made two.

Our first map is a guide to the most wanted bikes in the world. For this one, we left Instagram for a moment to crunch Google search data, identifying the most-searched for beast in (nearly) every country.

Our second map is interactive. We found location data for half a million #BikersOfInstagram posts and organized it into cities and states to show you where in the world bikers are using this hashtag. We checked what bikes they’re tagging, and created an infographic identifying the 25 most popular motorcycles on the app. An essential guide if you’re learning to tell your GSX-R750 from your YZF-R1.

Finally, we did some old-fashioned research to make a list of the top 10 motorcycle Instagram influencers you need to keep up with. Lights out, go!

Key Findings

  • India is the Mecca of Motorcycle Instagram. Our study found 46,245 #BikersOfInstagram-tagged posts here.
  • Sydney is the Australian capital city of Motorcycle Instagram (142 posts) and New South Wales is the capital state (425 posts).
  • The BMW S1000RR is the most-tagged motorbike on Instagram, with 513,058 tags.
  • The most-searched motorcycle manufacturer in most parts of the world is Harley-Davidson.
  • The top influencer on Motorcycle Instagram is Valentino Rossi (@valeyellow46), an Italian road racer and MotoGP World Champion with 9.2m followers.

The world’s most desired bikes (according to Google search data)

Every motorcyclist Googles their dream brand when they have a few spare moments off the road. We checked the statistics to find out which manufacturers are being searched in every country around the world.

Harley-Davidson is by far the most-desired motorcycle brand in the world, judging by the number of people searching for it. The mighty Harley is the most-searched bike in 83 countries, including Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The Kawasaki is the second most-searched manufacturer by country. The brand is curiously popular across a sprawl of regions, from Greece to Guadeloupe, Kenya to Hong Kong. Our map also shows that the Royal Enfield, “the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production,” is big in Asia – the formerly British brand name has operated in India since 1955.

Where in the world are the #BikersOfInstagram?

We did some digital magic to discover where in the world people are using the #BikersOfInstagram hashtag. Zoom in and out of our interactive map for more detail on each location. You can also hover over a hotspot to identify the place and its stats, and adjust the granularity using the slider on the left.

The Indian climate, landscape, and economy make the perfect storm for a thriving motorcycle culture. Most people don’t earn a whole lot of money in this part of the world, and it’s more affordable to have a motorbike than a car. It’s also a lot easier to get through urban India’s notoriously gloopy traffic jams.

We found 46,245 #BikersOfInstagram posts in India, next to just 13,228 for second-placed Germany. Kerala is by far the top region in India and the world for this hashtag. Outside of India, the biggest Motorcycle Instagram regions in their respective countries are North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), California (USA), and Lombardy (Italy).

What motorcycles are the #BikersOfInstagram riding?

So, the world’s most desired brand is the Harley, but what are serious bikers actually riding? We searched Instagram model-by-model to reveal the most photographed rides on social media.

BMW’s S1000RR has its nose way ahead of the pack with half a million tags on Instagram. This beast is light, powerful, and comfortable, and each generation leads the way with technological advances. What’s surprising about the S1000RR’s Instagram success is that anyone manages to get a decent picture of the thing – considering that it moves so fast.

The Beemer has 130,000 more hashtags than its closest competition, the KTM 390. The S1000RR is a thing of beauty and a dominator on track and road, but the KTM 390 is most likely an Instagram hit because it makes such a good ‘first bike.’ Proud to finally get your wheels? Share them with the world!

Road Hogs: Which motorcycle influencers should you follow on Instagram?

They lead the trail and they also lead the conversation. Budget Direct compiled a longlist of Instagram’s motorcycle influencers from a range of reputable sources. Then, we estimated their earnings-per-post, and sorted them in order to reveal the top ten.

  1. @valeyellow46  (Valentino Rossi, Italy)


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Circuito de Jerez,Spain Sunday,MotoGp Race 📸 @falex79 @gigisoldano

A post shared by Valentino Rossi (@valeyellow46) on

  1. @marcmarquez93 (Marc Márquez Alentà, Spain)


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A veces las cosas no salen como uno espera pero lo más importante es levantarse y seguir adelante. Espero que hayáis disfrutado de la remontada! Ahora me toca pasar por el quirófano el próximo martes y fijar la fractura del húmero. Os prometo que volveré lo antes posible con más fuerza! 💪🏼 Sometimes things don’t go as you expect, but the most important thing is to get back up and move on. I hope you enjoyed the comeback! Now I have to go to the operating room on Tuesday and fix the fracture of my right humerus. I promise you all that I will come back as soon as possible, and even stronger! 💪🏼 #MM93 #SpanishGP

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  1. @jorgelorenzo99 (Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero, Spain)


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Today 10 years ago, I won the Dutch GP. #10yearsago #dutchgp #assen

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  1. @technicalguruji (Gaurav Chaudhary, India)


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Bahut purani baat hai…

A post shared by Gaurav Chaudhary (@technicalguruji) on

  1. @andreaiannone (Andrea Iannone, Italy)


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Sono totalmente tranquillo e ci tengo a tranquillizzare i miei tifosi e Aprilia Racing. Mi rendo disponibile a qualunque contro analisi in una vicenda che mi sorprende, anche perché – a ora – non ho ricevuto alcuna comunicazione ufficiale. Negli anni, e anche in questa stagione, mi sono sottoposto a continui controlli, risultando ovviamente sempre negativo, per questo ho la massima fiducia nella conclusione positiva di questa vicenda. I’m totally relaxed and I want to reassure my fans and Aprilia Racing. I am open to any counter analysis in a matter that surprises me, also because – at the moment – I have not received any official communication. Over the years, and also this season, I have undergone continuous checks, obviously always proving to be negative, which is why I have every confidence in the positive conclusion of this affair. #maniac #ai29

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  1. @ducatistagram (Community, NA)


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A blast of sunshine through the grey clouds. When you’ve got 208 hp, you can outrun the storm. 🌪😉🏍🔥 . . ❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️ . ℹ️ Info 📸 @desmo_maniac 🙌 🏍 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S 📍 Carinthia, Austria 🌊🇦🇹 🀄 @austrianimal 🛒 @onlineducati . ❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️❌✖️ . #ducati #streetfighter #streetfighterv4s #ducatistagram #superbike #throttlesociety #ducatista #sportsbike #moto #motorcyclesofinstagram #october #octobervibes #bikestagram #twowheels #clouds #cloudyday #suncloud

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  1. @antoniocairoli (Antonio Cairoli, Italy)


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Ciao ragazzi! Siete pronti a vincere questo bellissimo AVIATOR 2.3 Cosa dovete fare? Semplice, 1: Seguite @airohelmets e @antoniocairoli e condividete questo post! 2: commentate sotto perché dovreste essere scelti proprio voi e taggate tutti i vostri amici che vorrebbero vincerlo. 3: Il vincitore sarà scelto sabato prossimo. AIROH was so kind to let me give away this beautiful AVIATOR 2.3 to one of my followers!! 😍 What you have to do to WIN? 1.• Follow @airohelmet & @antoniocairoli 2.• Comment below, let me know why you would love to WIN this beautiful helmet and tag all your friends that would like to WIN aswell! 3.• The WINNER will be chosen next Friday #giveaway #giveawayitalia

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  1. @andreadovizioso (Andrea Dovizioso, Italy)


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Checking the last details… We’ll be back soon!!!! ✊ #LentidavistaGalileo Ultimi dettagli da controllare… Tra poco si riparte!!!! ✊ #LentidavistaGalileo #AD04 #Dovi04 #Undaunted #ForzaDucati #Rebull #Alpinestars #SuomyHelmets #Mondottica #OldWildWest #Biotekna #LentidavistaGalileo 📷 @calloalbanese

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  1. @bikersofinstagram (Community, NA)


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This bike looks like it’s from the future!! 📸 @takongducati

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  1. @sportbikelife (Community, NA)


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Help @srtjd reach 100k followers 🤩 Go check out more of this crazy R1❗️😈 #yamaha #r1 #yamahar1

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We estimate Italian road racer and MotoGP champ Valentino Rossi earns $17,018-$28,364 per Instagram post. This makes him Instagram’s top motorcycle influencer. In fact, Rossi was once said by Forbes to be the 9th top-earning athlete in the world – placing him just after LeBron James.

But you don’t have to be a world champion to be an influencer. Engineer and Hindi YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary has 2m followers and an estimated $3,522-$5,870 per post. The Official Ducati Club and Bikers of Instagram accounts are among the ‘community’ pages that hold sway over Instagram’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

Both hands on the handlebars

Life comes at you pretty fast when you’re hurtling along the freeway at the legal limit. When you slow down at home for some R&R, your motorcycle mind is probably still out on the road, dreaming of the next big beast, race, or adventure. It’s the perfect moment to bring yourself back down to Earth by… uploading your day’s pics to Motorcycle Instagram and waiting for the comments to come speeding in.


To create this content we divided the research into 4 parts.

  1. We extracted location data for 500,000 Instagram posts tagged with the #BikersOfInstagram hashtag. We then cleaned up the data and organised it by cities and states to help us create the interactive you see today.
  2. Next, we created the list of 31 most popular motorcycles brands using lists from TopSpeed and Telegraph. Then used Google Keyword Planner data to learn how often each of the brands are searched for in every country – this allowed us to discover the most searched-for motorcycle brands
  3. We looked at 1,000,006 posts with hashtags related to particular motorcycles models. By seeing which models were tagged the most, we formed a long list of the most Instagrammed motorcycle models, which was then shortened to a top 25.
  4. To decide the top 10 motorcycle influencers we created a long list of influencers using lists from popular publications (see sources below). We then estimated their earnings per post using this tool and sorted the list according to these estimates.

The data is accurate as of July 31st 2020. Visit for the full breakdown.


This post was brought to you by Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance

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