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So, you finally have your dream home in South Australia, with ready access to spectacular beaches, world-class wineries and some of the finest outback scenery in the country. You’ve moved in all your precious possessions, and you're living the dream. But what if a bad storm causes damage, a tree falls on your living room, your house gets burgled or a burst pipe soaks everything in your kitchen? Unfortunately, bad things can happen (even to dream homes) - but the impact can be lessened by having reliable Home and Contents Insurance.

Insure your valuable home with Budget Direct

Budget Direct specialises in award-winning1 Home Insurance at a very competitive price. Our Policy Benefits clearly spell out what we offer in our Home, Contents or combined Home and Contents polices for homeowners. We also have insurance available for landlords with rental properties. We use very accurate risk assessments to keep our prices down, so you can insure your home without breaking the budget. We believe that Smarter Insurance all comes down to common sense, consistently dependable service and offering great value for money – whether you're a brand new customer or you’ve been with us for several years.

It's your treasured contents that make the house a home

Just as Home Insurance will look after your dwelling, Contents Insurance protects what's inside it. Life can get miserable pretty quickly if you lose your contents through damage or theft. Your whitegoods, furniture, clothing, appliances and other personal belongings don’t just have monetary value – they are part of the memories that make living in your home a special and personal experience – and they too deserve insurance protection. If you'd like to know the approximate cost to replace your house and its contents, check out our convenient Replacement Value Calculators to find out.

Home and Contents Insurance that fits your lifestyle and budget

When you're making Home and Contents Insurance Comparisons, it's important to look at the totality of what’s being offered. With Budget Direct, we think making a claim should be simple and straightforward, which is why we’re proud of our 24-hour Claims Hotline - so we can help you as efficiently as possible. We also offer a 21-day Money Back Guarantee as well, should you change your mind. Terms and conditions apply; see the Product Disclosure Statement for full details. Want to pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit, with the option of monthly, annual or fortnightly payments? No worries. Feel that you deserve a discount for buying your insurance online with us? We do too – you can save % on your Home or Contents cover and % if you combine the two into a single Home and Contents policy and purchase from us online.

The time for a quote on Home and Contents Insurance is right now!

How can you find out how much Budget Direct can save you on Home and Contents Insurance? It’s easy – grab a quick Online Quote from us today!

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