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5 Smarter Home Cooking Tips

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5 Smarter Home Cooking Tips

Find out five of our favourite home cooking tips in just two minutes.

Chocolate bowls, watermelon popsicles, mini cakes, fancy cookie decorations and a neat way to your cut your baking without using a knife feature in our video on smarter home cooking tips.

Edible Chocolate Bowls

This is a perfect little way to make a fun addition to any party. First, you need chocolate pieces you can melt. These can be baking chips, or even regular chocolate chips that are available at most super markets. Second, to make the bowls, you will need to have balloons that are filled with air. For smaller bowls, use water balloons. For bigger bowls, you will need bigger balloons. Once you have all of the materials, melt the chocolate either in the microwave or a double boiler. Make sure it is in a plastic bowl big enough to fit your balloons. Next, dip your air-filled balloons in to the melted chocolate to the desired depth of your edible bowl. Once the balloon is thoroughly coated, place it on a cookie sheet to cool. After the chocolate has solidified, pop the balloon and voila! Edible chocolate bowls! The only thing left to do is fill them with your favorite ice cream, pudding, or other treat and enjoy!.

Watermelon Popsicles

Materials: whole watermelon, large popsicle sticks, and a knife. This is a very simple method to enjoy your watermelon without the mess, and work especially well for kids. The first step is to cut a slice out of the watermelon. Next, lay the round slice flat on a plate and cut in into pieces, however big you want. Once this is finished, take the knife and stab your knife into the rind making sure that the cut is wide enough to fit the stick in. Finally, insert the stick into the cut and you have your mess-free watermelon popsicle.


Materials: empty tin cans, tin foil, baking spray, and your favorite cake batter. Tired of the run-of-the-mill cup cakes or other ‘personal cakes? Here is a clever way to make a conventional mini-cake in a very unconventional way. You can use any canned food can, just make sure you open up both ends of the can and make sure it is cleaned out. Take a piece of tin foil and cover one end of the can and spray the inside with the baking spray. Next, fill the can halfway up with the batter and bake until cake is springy. Flip the cans over and let them cool. After your cakes have cooled, use a knife to ease the cakes out of the cans. You now have a unique personal cake that you can decorate as creatively as you want!

Cutting Cake and Other Soft Foods With Dental Floss

Materials: unscented dental floss, a baked cake or soft cheese. Have you ever tried to cut a cake and ended up just smashing it flat in the process? Well here is a foolproof remedy that will let you cut the cake and or cheese like a pro. First, you will need to measure your cake, or whatever you are cutting and pull out enough floss to do the job. Once you have your floss, wrap it around making sure there is enough slack that you can pull both ends, and pull. It might take a little practice to perfect it, but that is always better than smashing it, right?

Decorating Your Cookies Creatively

Materials: your favorite sugar cookie dough, colored sanding sugar, and any kitchen utensils that have a cutout like a spatula, potato masher, etc. Your kitchen utensils usually have only one purpose, Right? Wrong, not anymore at least. Decorating cookies, especially sugar cookies, can be so one dimensional that it gets boring. Fast. Here is a great tip to spruce up your decorating, and impress your friends, and entertain your kids. First, you will want to cut the dough into cookie-sized slices and place them on the cookie sheet. Next, take your spatula or other utensil you are using, dust it with flour, and place it on the dough and sprinkle with the sanding sugar. Lift the utensil and repeat. Once you have finished, brush of the excess. You can get really creative with these designs to keep everybody involved interested. And here’s one more tip! Check out Budget Direct’s Home Insurance and you could save up to 25% buying Home & Contents insurance online!