Public Holidays 2020

ACT Public holidays 2020

Public Holiday Day/Date
New Year's Day Wednesday, 1 January
Australia Day Monday, 27 January
Canberra Day Monday, 9 March
Good Friday Friday, 10 April
Easter Saturday Saturday, 11 April
Easter Sunday Sunday, 12 April
Easter Monday Monday, 13 April
ANZAC Day Saturday, 25 April
ANZAC Day Holiday Monday, 27 April
Reconciliation Day Monday, 1 June
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 8 June
Labour Day Monday, 5 October
Christmas Day Friday, 25 December
Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December
Boxing Day Holiday Monday, 28 December
School Holidays 2020

ACT School holidays 2020

Term 1 Start Finish
School Holidays Friday, 10 April 2020 Sunday, 26 April 2020
Term 2 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 4 July 2020 Sunday, 19 July 2020
Term 3 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 26 September 2018 Sunday, 11 October 2018
Term 4 Start Finish
School Holidays Friday, 18 December 2020 Sunday, 31 January 2021
Leave Maximiser 2020

How to maximise your work leave

By strategically taking time off work you could enjoy longer periods of time off.

January - New Years, Australia Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Wednesday, 1 January    
Thursday, 2 January    
Friday, 3 January    
Saturday, 4 January    
Sunday, 5 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 2 Days off: 5
Friday, 24 January    
Saturday, 25 January    
Sunday, 26 January    
Monday, 27 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 1 Days off: 4
May and June - Reconciliation Day, Queen's Birthday
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 30 May    
Sunday, 31 May    
Monday, 1 June    
Tuesday, 2 June    
Wednesday, 3 June    
Thursday, 4 June    
Friday, 5 June    
Saturday, 6 June    
Sunday, 7 June    
Monday, 8 June    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 4 Days off: 10
December - Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 19 December    
Sunday, 20 December    
Monday, 21 December    
Tuesday, 22 December    
Wednesday, 23 December    
Thursday, 24 December    
Friday, 25 December    
Saturday, 26 December    
Sunday, 27 December    
Monday, 28 December    
Tuesday, 29 December    
Wednesday, 30 December    
Thursday, 31 December    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 7 Days off: 13

ACT Public holidays in detail

Canberra Day - Monday 9th March

Held on the second Monday of March, the Australian Capital Territory commemorates the official naming of Canberra in 1913. Lady Denman, wife of the Governor-General Lord Denman was the one who named the territory in front of a crowd of 5000 guests. The long weekend allows people to enjoy the various activities of the Canberra Festival which is celebrated annually from the 11-20th of March each year. Families have their choice of amusements, ranging from live concerts, park rides and a variety of food stalls.

The Canberra Citizen of the Year is also named during the Canberra Festival. The award is given to citizen who has demonstrated important contributions towards humanitarian efforts such as volunteering for the terminally ill, assisting refugees, advocating for the disabled and elderly and contributing to charitable organisations.

Reconciliation Day - Monday 1st June

Launching in 2018, Canberra will be the first state to institute a public holiday to mark the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, which was passed to officially include Aboriginal Australians in the Australian population. The vote was unanimously passed with 90% of the Australian public voting yes. The holiday is designed to celebrate and reflect upon the success of the reconciliation process and for the Indigenous community to engage and educate the public on the many issues they still face today. The holiday replaces the Family and Community Day that was previously held in September and marks the start of Reconciliation Week.

There are a number of events people can partake in to celebrate Reconciliation week, from cultural exchange programs involving a day long immersion in Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage and culture, to a public breakfast with Mick Gooda, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Social Justice Commissioner to discuss opportunities for greater reconciliation across the community.

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