Public Holidays 2020

QLD Public holidays 2020

Public Holiday Day/Date
New Year's Day Wednesday, 1 January
Australia Day Monday, 27 January
Good Friday Friday, 10 April
Easter Saturday Saturday, 11 April
Easter Sunday Sunday, 12 April
Easter Monday Monday, 13 April
ANZAC Day Saturday, 25 April
Labour Day Monday, 4 May
Ekka Wednesday (Brisbane area only) Wednesday, 12 August
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 5 October
Christmas Day Friday, 25 December
Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December
Boxing Day Holiday Monday, 28 December
School Holidays 2020

QLD School holidays 2020

Term 1 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 4 April 2020 Sunday, 19 April 2020
Term 2 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 27 June 2020 Sunday, 12 July 2020
Term 3 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 19 September 2020 Monday, 5 October 2020
Term 4 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 12 December 2020 Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021
Leave Maximiser 2020

How to maximise your work leave

By strategically taking time off work you could enjoy longer periods of time off.

January - New Years, Australia Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Wednesday, 1 January    
Thursday, 2 January    
Friday, 3 January    
Saturday, 4 January    
Sunday, 5 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 2 Days off: 5
Friday, 24 January    
Saturday, 25 January    
Sunday, 26 January    
Monday, 27 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 1 Days off: 4
April and May - ANZAC Day, Labour Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 25 April    
Sunday, 26 April    
Monday, 27 April    
Tuesday, 28 April    
Wednesday, 29 April    
Thursday, 30 April    
Friday, 1 May    
Saturday, 2 May    
Sunday, 3 May    
Monday, 4 May    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 5 Days off: 10
August - Ekka Wednesday
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 8 August    
Sunday, 9 August    
Monday, 10 August    
Tuesday, 11 August    
Wednesday, 12 August    
Thursday, 13 August    
Friday, 14 August    
Saturday, 15 August    
Sunday, 16 August    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 4 Days off: 9
December - Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 19 December    
Sunday, 20 December    
Monday, 21 December    
Tuesday, 22 December    
Wednesday, 23 December    
Thursday, 24 December    
Friday, 25 December    
Saturday, 26 December    
Sunday, 27 December    
Monday, 28 December    
Tuesday, 29 December    
Wednesday, 30 December    
Thursday, 31 December    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 7 Days off: 13

QLD Public holidays in detail

Labour Day - Monday 4th May

Labour Day is the annual celebration of the modern eight hour working day, implemented in the 19th century. Prior to the 19th century, most labourers worked from ten to twelve hours up to six days a week. The public holiday recognises the workers who struggled to improve the working conditions for all Australians. Labour Day advocates for the equal division of the twenty-four hours in a day into three parts, eight hours for work, recreation and rest respectively. Labour Day is held on different days according to each state but is always held on a Monday, forming a long weekend every year. In Queensland the holiday is held on the first Monday of May.

Many people take the long weekend as an opportunity to partake in some of the cultural events taking place in the state. The Planting is a three day environmental and culinary festival held in Woodfordia. Guests are encouraged to plant trees in an effort to conserve local wildlife habitats, as well as engage with the global environmental consciousness movement through music, dance, art and folk lore.

Ekka Wednesday - Wednesday 12 August

The “Ekka Show”, is a common abbreviation for the Brisbane Exhibition, it is also referred to as the Royal Queensland Show. The holiday is held to celebrate the Queensland way of life, with particular emphasis given to the agricultural industries and workers. The Ekka has been held in Brisbane since 1876 and is Queensland’s largest annual event, held across ten days. This year's Ekka Wednesday will be celebrated on August 12th.

Making your way to the show held at the Brisbane Showgrounds is a must for those who can get there easily. Half a million guests make their way through the entertainment, agricultural and education exhibitions each year. Live entertainment, carnival rides and attractions, animal competitions and shopping venues make up the bulk of the activities guests take part in.

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