Public Holidays 2020

TAS Public holidays 2020

Public Holiday Day/Date
New Year's Day Wednesday, 1 January
Devonport Cup Wednesday, 8 January
Australia Day Monday, 27 January
Royal Hobart Regatta Monday, 10 February
Launceston Cup Wednesday, 26 February
King Island Show Tuesday, 3 March
Eight Hours Day Monday, 9 March
Good Friday Friday, 10 March
Easter Monday Monday, 13 April
Easter Tuesday1 Tuesday, 14 April
ANZAC Day Saturday, 25 April
AGFEST Friday, 8 May
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 8 June
Burnie Show Friday, 2 October
Royal Launceston Show Thursday, 8 October
Flinders Island Show Friday, 16 October
Royal Hobart Show Thursday, 22 October
Recreation Day Monday, 2 November
Devonport Show Friday, 27 November
Christmas Day Friday, 25 December
Boxing Day Saturday, 26 December
Boxing Day Holiday Monday, 28 December

1 Restricted public holiday currently observed by certain awards/agreements and the State Public Service.

School Holidays 2020

TAS School holidays 2020

Term 1 Start Finish
School Holidays Friday, 10 April 2020 Sunday, 26 April 2020
Term 2 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 4 July 2020 Sunday, 19 July 2020
Term 3 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 26 September 2020 Sunday, 11 October 2020
Term 4 Start Finish
School Holidays Friday, 18 December 2020 Tuesday, 2 February 2021 
Leave Maximiser 2020

How to maximise your work leave

By strategically taking time off work you could enjoy longer periods of time off.

January - Australia Day, Royal Hobart Regatta
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 25 January    
Sunday, 26 January    
Monday, 27 January    
Tuesday, 28 January    
Wednesday, 29 January    
Thursday, 30 January    
Friday, 31 January    
Saturday, 1 February    
Sunday, 2 February    
Monday, 3 February    
Tuesday, 4 February    
Wednesday, 5 February    
Thursday, 6 February    
Friday, 7 February    
Saturday, 8 February    
Sunday, 9 February    
Monday, 10 February    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 9 Days off: 17
April - Easter
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 4 April    
Sunday, 5 April    
Monday, 6 April    
Tuesday, 7 April    
Wednesday, 8 April    
Thursday, 9 April    
Friday, 10 April    
Saturday, 11 April    
Sunday, 12 April    
Monday, 13 April    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 4 Days off: 10
October - Royal Hobart Show
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Thursday, 22 October    
Friday, 23 October    
Saturday, 24 October    
Sunday, 25 October    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 1 Days off: 4
December - Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 19 December    
Sunday, 20 December    
Monday, 21 December    
Tuesday, 22 December    
Wednesday, 23 December    
Thursday, 24 December    
Friday, 25 December    
Saturday, 26 December    
Sunday, 27 December    
Monday, 28 December    
Tuesday, 29 December    
Wednesday, 30 December    
Thursday, 31 December    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 7 Days off: 13

TAS Public holidays in detail

Devonport Cup - Wednesday 8th January

*This public holiday is observed only in the Devonport region of Tasmania.

Held on the second Wednesday of January, the Devonport Cup has been celebrated in Tasmania since 1902, with only a short disruption during World War Two. The event welcomes over 6,500 visitors each year and is considered to be one of the premier races in Tasmania. Apart from the races themselves, competitions are held for the best dressed socialites with prizes going to the most elegantly dressed man and woman.

Royal Hobart Regatta - Monday 10th February

*This public holiday is observed only in the southern region of Tasmania.

Held on the second Monday each February, the Royal Hobart Regatta has been celebrated since 1838 and is Tasmania’s oldest sporting event. The Regatta runs for three days and hosts events in sailing, rowing, open water swimming, wood chopping, Jet Ski and dragon boat racing. The Regatta not only takes up the entire river for the duration of the event but also spreads out on land, with sideshow entertainment, amusement park rides, live music and firework displays over the long weekend.

Launceston Cup - Wednesday 26th February

*This public holiday is observed only in the Launceston and the surrounding regions in Tasmania and has further time restrictions for specific areas.

The Launceston Cup is held on the third Wednesday of each February and dates back to 1865. The Cup is classified as a Group 3 open handicap thoroughbred horse race run over a distance of 2,400 meters. 16,000 attendees witness the race each year, and partake in the food and drink marquees as well as compete for the cash and travel prizes that are awarded for the best dressed men and women.

King Island Show - Tuesday 3rd March

*This public holiday is observed only in the King Island region of Tasmania.

The King Island Show is held in the first Tuesday of March each year to showcase the region’s agricultural, horticultural and pastoral accomplishments. The Show has been running since 1910 and the 2000 people living on the island welcome visitors from the mainland to showcase their wares in the various exhibitions and contests the Show holds. King Island is famous for the quality of their cheese and beef which form a large portion of the competitions, in addition to wool judging and horse riding displays.

Eight Hour Day - Monday 9th March

Known as Labour Day in other states and territories, Eight Hour Day is the annual celebration of the modern eight hour working day, implemented in the 19th century. Prior to the 19th century, most labourers worked from ten to twelve hours up to six days a week. The public holiday recognises the workers who struggled to improve the working conditions for all Australians. Eight Hour Day advocates for the equal division of the twenty-four hours in a day into three parts, eight hours for work, recreation and rest respectively. Eight Hour Day is held on different days according to each state but is always held on a Monday, forming a long weekend every year.

Easter Tuesday - Tuesday 14th April

*This public holiday is observed only by the state’s public sector in Tasmania.

Tasmania is the only state in Australia to observe the Tuesday after Easter as a public holiday. It is considered a trade-off day, as Easter Sunday is not recognised as a public holiday in the state. There is significant debate as to whether the public holiday should be removed from the calendar, or implemented across all working sectors in Tasmania. Many who do observe the holiday use the five days leave as an opportunity to travel interstate.

AGFEST - Friday 8th May

*This public holiday is observed only in the Circular Head region of Tasmania.

AGFEST has been held in Perth since 1983 at Symmons Plains. Run by the volunteer group, the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania Inc. the field day has grown to attract over 60,000 visitors each year with over 750 exhibitions spread across the three day long weekend. Things to do and see include dairy exhibitions, horse jumping, four wheel driving, sheep dog trials and arts and craft exhibitions.

Burnie Show - Friday 2nd October

*This public holiday is observed only in the Burnie region of Tasmania.

Originating in 1913 the Burnie Show is held across the first Friday and Saturday of October, with over 12,000 visitors passing through the Show each year. The Show takes place at the Wivenhoe Showgrounds on Smith Street. The Show’s exhibitions showcase the best the region has to offer in categories such as produce, animals, home arts, cultural and commercial fields. Each year there are also carnival style rides, sideshow alley attractions, live music and food and drink vendors.

Royal Launceston Show - Thursday 8th October

*This public holiday is observed only in the Launceston region of Tasmania.

The Royal National Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Tasmania Limited has held an agricultural show in Launceston since 1873. But it was only in 1984, that event was named The Royal Launceston Show. The Show is held across the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but only the Thursday is a public holiday. The Show holds events such as livestock judging, equestrian events, animal breeders competitions, produce competitions and wood chopping. But it also includes live entertainment, fashion shows and a variety of food stalls for visitors to enjoy across the three days.

Flinders Island Show - Friday 16th October

*This public holiday is observed only in the Flinders Island region of Tasmania.

The Flinders Island Show is held on the third Friday of October each year and is primarily a demonstration of the best the Island has to offer in agriculture, but offers many other attractions as well. The most popular sporting events are the equestrian and wood chopping competitions, while the exhibitions showcase local produce, cooking and other home goods. There is also a variety of carnival style attractions, from merry-go-rounds, jumping castles and arcade style games. While the island only has a population of 900, visitors from the main island of Tasmania make the Flinders Island Show one of the most popular events of the year.

Royal Hobart Show - Thursday 22nd October

*This public holiday is observed only in Hobart and the surrounding region in Tasmania.

Held on the last Thursday of October, the public holiday is held in honour of the Royal Hobart Show which has been celebrated since 1822. Stretching across four days, Wednesday through to Saturday, the show is the largest of the Royal Shows held in the state and is often compared to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The Show boasts a wide range of attractions from livestock competitions and judging to carnival rides and games.

Recreation Day - Monday 2nd November

*This public holiday is observed only in the northern region of Tasmania.

Recreation Day is held on the first Monday of November in the northern regions of Tasmania to offset Regatta Day which is held in the southern regions earlier in the year. There has been much dispute over whether the two public holidays should be aligned. There is no historical or cultural significance to the day and most citizens use the day as a means of relaxation and pleasure.

Devonport Show - Friday 27th November

*This public holiday is observed only in the Devonport region of Tasmania.

The public holiday is held on the final Friday of November to celebrate the Devonport Show held across the Friday and Saturday. The Show has been celebrated since 1907 on the Devonport Showgrounds. The Show offers a variety of attractions from carnival rides, fireworks and fashion parades. In 2017, the Show society announced that the Devonport Show would not be held in 2018, however the state has still listed the Friday as a public holiday for the region.

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