Public Holidays 2020

SA Public holidays 2020

Public Holiday Day/Date
New Year's Day Wednesday, 1 January
Australia Day Monday, 27 January
Adelaide Cup Monday, 9 March 
Good Friday Friday, 10 April
Easter Saturday Saturday, 11 April
Easter Monday Monday, 13 April
ANZAC Day Saturday, 25 April
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 8 June
Labour Day Monday, 5 October
Christmas Eve Thursday, 24 December
Christmas Day Friday, 25 December
Proclamation Day Saturday, 26 December
Proclamation Day Holiday Monday, 28 December
New Year’s Eve Thursday, 31 December 
School Holidays 2020

SA School holidays 2020

Term 1 Start Finish
School Holidays Friday, 10 April 2020 Sunday, 26 April 2020
Term 2 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 4 July 2020 Sunday, 19 July 2020
Term 3 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 26 September 2020 Sunday, 11 October 2020
Term 4 Start Finish
School Holidays Saturday, 12 December 2020 Sunday, 31 January 2021 
Leave Maximiser 2020

By strategically taking time off work you could enjoy longer periods of time off.

How to maximise your work leave

January - New Years, Australia Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Wednesday, 1 January    
Thursday, 2 January    
Friday, 3 January    
Saturday, 4 January    
Sunday, 5 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 2 Days off: 5
Friday, 24 January    
Saturday, 25 January    
Sunday, 26 January    
Monday, 27 January    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 1 Days off: 4
April - Easter
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 4 April    
Sunday, 5 April    
Monday, 6 April    
Tuesday, 7 April    
Wednesday, 8 April    
Thursday, 9 April    
Friday, 10 April    
Saturday, 11 April    
Sunday, 12 April    
Monday, 13 April    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 4 Days off: 10
December - Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Date Take Leave? Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 19 December    
Sunday, 20 December    
Monday, 21 December    
Tuesday, 22 December    
Wednesday, 23 December    
Thursday, 24 December    
Friday, 25 December    
Saturday, 26 December    
Sunday, 27 December    
Monday, 28 December    
Tuesday, 29 December    
Wednesday, 30 December    
Thursday, 31 December    
Totals Days of Annual Leave: 7 Days off: 13

SA Public holidays in detail

Adelaide Cup - Monday 9th March

The Adelaide Cup is always held on the second Monday each March and is celebrated exclusively in South Australia since 1973. The Adelaide Cup is one of the largest sporting and social events that takes place in South Australia with the total prize money coming in at $400,000. The Cup used to be held in May, but was rescheduled in 2006 in an effort to draw more people to the Cup in the warmer weather. The obvious thing to do on this holiday is to check out the races themselves. There is more to the Cup than just horses though. With fashion shows, live music and a variety of gourmet food and drink stalls, the whole family will be entertained for the day.

Christmas Eve 7pm till midnight - Thursday 24th December

South Australians enjoy a half-day public holiday on Christmas Eve. This ensures that all workers have the ability to spend time with the family and friends, or be properly compensated for their work during this time.

Many people take to Christmas Carolling on Christmas Eve in groups in their local neighbourhoods to spread cheer and goodwill.

Another way people like to give back at this time of the year is to give their time to charitable pursuits. Several charity institutions work hard to ensure that impoverished Australian children can receive a present on Christmas morning and those who are without cooking facilities can enjoy a home cooked Christmas meal.

Proclamation Day Holiday - Monday 28th December

Proclamation Day falls on the first weekday following Christmas Day. While all other states and territories in Australia celebrate this day as Boxing Day, South Australia celebrates the day to commemorate the establishment of their government in 1836. Besides a formal ceremony, including a re-enactment of the first ready of the proclamation, held by senior level officials and politicians, most South Australians do not partake in any specific celebratory measures for Proclamation Day.

To mark the state’s historical significance, many people venture to see some of South Australia’s most notable cultural heritage sites. Another popular choice is to follow the Living Heritage Trail to see a selection of important historic sites and museums.

New Year’s Eve 7pm till midnight - Thursday 31st December

In Australia, New Years is heralded by firework displays in all major cities and countdowns till midnight form the basis of the previous night’s boisterous celebrations. While New Year’s Eve day is not itself a public holiday, parties and events are held for people to see off the old year in style and welcome in the new with friends and family. South Australia observes the hours from 7pm till midnight as a public holiday, in an effort to compensate those who have to work during that time. New Year’s Day is often used as a day of rest and relaxation across the country.

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