Simply Smarter DIY Easter Craft Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and with the kids being at home on school holidays – what better timing than to break out the craft kit and make some fun decorations together for your Easter dinner table this year. This video shows you step-by-step how to make some of Budget Directs’ favourite Easter crafts; and the best part – they’re easy and cheap to make yourself!


Paint Sample Egg Garland

Paint sample cards are usually free from your local hardware store – such as Bunnings or Mitre 10; collect a range of colours to make this easy DIY egg garland. Simply cut an egg shape out of each of the paint samples, once you’ve made one cut out – you can use that as a template for the rest to make sure they’re all the same shape and size. Once you have all your cut-outs, punch two holes into the top of each cut-out and thread a string through the holes you’ve made to create the garland, then simply hang in your home to decorate.

For the remainder of the crafts you will need to ‘prep’ some eggs to use. You will need a total of 5 eggs per person, if you would like to make each of the crafts in the video. 3 of the eggs per person will need to be hard boiled, and 2 will need to be emptied. The video will give you a guide on how to prep the eggs for your crafts.

Eggshell Candles

You will need an emptied egg for each candle you wish to make. Once you have emptied and cleaned the egg, break a large opening in the top – much like you would when you eat a boiled egg. Place the cleaned eggs you intend on using back into the egg tray – this will keep them sturdy. Place craft wicks into the egg shells, and use a funnel to pour wax into the shell, as shown in the video. Allow the wax to settle and harden before lighting your candles.

Leaf Print Eggs

Use dyes in a range of colours of your choice to make these fun leaf print eggs. You will need hard boiled eggs and small leaves from your garden to make the pattern, as well as some old stockings. Cut the feet off of the stockings – this is the part you will need. Place the leaf on the egg and carefully place the two together inside the stocking and tie closed – as shown in the video. Place the egg into a small bowl of dye and allow it to sit for a short time. Take the egg out of the dye; carefully remove the stocking followed by the leaf. An outline of the leaf should remain on the egg.

Gold Leaf Eggs

You will need to buy some gold leaf or foil sheets from your local craft store to make these eggs. Using a hard boiled egg, start by outlining the shape you would like to have as gold leaf on your egg – remembering to be gentle. Paste glue into the area of your shape – as shown in the video – and then place the gold leaf over the glued area. Allow it to dry for a minute or two and then gently brush over the gold leaf to remove any extra leafing, leaving you with your desired shape.

Transfer Paper Eggs

You will need to use hard boiled eggs, and purchase some transfer paper for this craft idea. Print a variety of pictures or messages onto transfer paper, remembering to reverse the text. Cut out the pictures or messages you want to use and place them over the egg. Then wet some paper towelling and place the wet towel over the transfer paper. This is what will transfer the message or picture onto the egg. Remember to allow the paper to dry before you touch it.

Eggshell Fortune Cookies

This is a really fun and unique Easter craft idea which would really stand out for guests at any dinner table, or make a great gift for a friend or family member. You will need one emptied egg per person for this craft. If you like, you can decorate the emptied egg with coloured dyes and transfer paper as shown in the video. Once you have your egg emptied and decorated to your liking, write a clever note or fortune on a small piece of paper, fold the piece of paper up and push it into the egg through the opening you made during prep, as shown in the video. Have your friends crack open the eggs to reveal their personalised message.

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