Road Trip Games to Play in the Car

Easter is coming and with it comes the long awaited school holidays, which means it’s time to plan the first family holiday of the year. For many Aussie families this means “hitting the road”. A road trip can be a great way to spend time with the family; it’s generally less expensive than flights and provides an opportunity to get the kids out of the living room and experiencing some of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife Australia has to offer.

But we all know that whilst the best road trips are exciting to begin with – the reality is, kids get bored easily, become restless and often begin to get on each other’s nerves – followed by yours! To help take their minds off the time and keep them entertained, incorporate some easy-to-play car games in your next road trip. We’ve listed some of our favourite, classic car games, with instructions on how to play them. Print this infographic and take it with you on your next trip – so when the kids, or you, get bored – you can have a bit of fun.

Whilst it’s important to have fun, remember to stay safe on the road. For complete peace of mind, enjoy your road trip knowing you’re protected in any situation with a Budget Direct Roadside Assistance package and comprehensive car insurance policy.



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