Protect your family this Christmas

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of Christmas without making sure you have assessed the potential risks involved in lighting up your property both inside and out.

It only takes one minute for a fire to get out of hand so take the extra time to prepare and be safe this Christmas.

Read our top 15 tips on how to avoid common holiday hazards

1. Always put out candles before going to bed or leaving a room. Place them away from hanging decorations and your Christmas tree. Place candles in a fireproof dish or use small flat candles that are protected to avoid them being easily knocked over.

2. Position your Christmas tree where it will be at least a few metres away from any electric appliances.

3. If you have a fireplace make sure your mantel is decorated with objects that will not be affected by any possible sparks or flames.

4. Hang stockings with care; avoid hanging them over the fire place if you intend to use it. Get creative and try hanging them elsewhere such as ornaments on your wall.

5. If you plan to use a real Christmas tree, make sure you water it. Ensure you have turned off any Christmas lights attached whilst doing so or try decorating it without lights.

6. Artificial trees are great to use as they are easy to put up/take down and last for years. However please keep in mind they are ONLY fire retardant not fire resistant, they can still catch on fire.

7. When decorating the tree, make sure it’s evenly weighted on each side and has a sturdy base to keep it from avoid toppling over.

8. If you have decorated the exterior of your home please remember to turn your lights off at night when you go to sleep or during bad weather.

9. If you plan to incorporate roof top decorations, don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear, have a spotter, plan ahead and keep away from power lines.

10. If you are having an extensive lighting display please make sure that your home is fitted with a safety switch as they detect the loss of power from the circuit and cut the supply of electricity to avoid it causing death or serious injury.

11. If using old Christmas lights always check for exposed wires, broken bulbs and have them checked over by an electrician.

12. When installing outdoor lights make sure they are weatherproofed and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

13. Take time to secure your lights and make sure they are out of reach from any pets or children. Also keep your lights clear of swimming pools, driveways, windows and walkways.

14. Always check lights for the Australian Approval number when purchasing. You can find a list of the approval numbers for different states on the Government Safety website.
15. Off track but still an important tip. The fridge can be packed with leftover Christmas ham for days and even weeks after Christmas. Make sure you label how long you’ve been keeping any extra meat for. The last thing you want is to spend your New Years Eve with food poisoning!
Let’s finish the year without having to make a claim on your home insurance and celebrate the holiday cheer instead.

We hope our tips were helpful and if you have any great tips let us know by, simply commenting below.

Watch the video below from UL to see how quickly your home could be in danger just by not watering your Christmas tree.

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